Friday, July 3, 2015


Yesterday Hubby and I took a day trip to Weeki Wachee, home of the mermaids. I went when I was a child and I have always wanted to go back. Since the drive was so long we didn't get time to splash in the waters of Buccaneer Bay (Florida's only spring fed water park). We really enjoyed all we did get to see and do and I would love to go back again with some friends. Next time we will get a hotel room so we can spend more time at the park.

 We arrived just in time to line up for the noon mermaid show.
The shows are performed in a natural spring and the mermaids breath with air tubes that allow them to swim freely without being weighed down by scuba tanks. Guests view the show in a theater that is submerged in the spring.

 A mermaid drinks a bottle of soda underwater

Bubble curtains ripple up between acts

 The statue is of the Prince that the little mermaid falls in love with. Although, when we visited the mermaids were only performing the show Fish Tails. Just another reason we need to go back, so Hubby can see The Little Mermaid performed.

 We both got our pictures with a real live mermaid ;)

I made this dress special for the trip but I'll be wearing it all the time because MERMAIDS.

Peafowl roam the park freely.

 It was a surprise treat to see chicks.

It was a hot day so we got ice cream, I only ordered a double scoop but I swear the girl gave me a pint. The ice cream was super soft so I had to eat it really quickly, I was so full afterwards.
Mermaid statuary can be found all over the park, even some of the benches have mermaids holding them up.
The blue tail is appropriate, my tail is blue after all.

The dress is Butterick 5209, a retro pattern that is a remake of a 1947 pattern. The dress went together without trouble but I still have to tweak the fit on the top, as with many patterns it fits my chest size but not my cup size so I have to fiddle with darts so it doesn't gap and show the world my boobs. I may also tighten up the halter strap since this dress is backless so I can't wear a bra.The dress fabric was from and the adorable mermaid tail necklace is from Belladonna's Rag Doll. Every little girl in the park loved my outfit, I even had a little girl ask if I was Ariel. Anytime anyone asked me if I was a mermaid I had to respond yes, I just wish I was one of the amazingly talented Weeki Wachee mermaids. This year I turn old enough to go to the mermaid camp, if I ever get a job I am going to save up so I can attend.

Even if we didn't swim I wanted my picture with the anchor. We were lucky that we walked over when we did because we got to see a manatee. Below is the only shot I got of it.

 Before we left we watched the last mermaid show of the day. Each show had differences, in one show a girl swam through the middle of the ring during the patriotic number.

My mom gave me a little money to take for souvenirs so I was able to get a shirt, a key chain, a patch, and some postcards. 

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