Monday, July 6, 2015

Florida Wildlife

Last Friday we had a family day at the Tallahassee Museum. My niece lives in Hawaii so she is not familiar with Florida's animals and nature. One of the best (and my favorite) places to show off Florida is the Tallahassee Museum. Eden still is a little young to appreciate all the exhibits but we could tell she loved being there in the outdoors.

 First we explored the caboose.

Outfit of the day:

Bandanna- Dollar Store
Sunnies- The Other Side
Earrings- Old, Claires
Pendant- Old, JoAnn's
Tank/shorts- thrifted
Sandals- Old, Burlington kids department  
The adorable dress is one of the pillowcase style dresses I made for this little cutie.

Petting the Allosaurus

So, who knew opossums store extra fat in their eyes? I didn't till we met this critter.

After meeting the opossum we wandered around the farm.

After the farm Eden had enough for the day so the rest of the family headed home. We stayed around to see the last animal talk.

 This beautiful plant was in the swamp overlooking the water. A group of kayaks passed by as I was taking these shots. 

Some Bunny Loves You!