Sunday, July 26, 2015


It's been hard getting around to getting a post up this week. I did plenty but there have been heat advisories all week and when it wasn't 100+ degrees it was pouring, even when it was raining it still stayed 90 or so degrees. This week I got to see a perspective presidential candidate speak, attended two killer birthday parties, and even got to spin some fire. I am quite rusty with my fire props since I haven't done any since I had my big weight loss, I did well though, I only bumped my leg once and it only left a little soot mark.

Now that our family is gone I've been rolling back into my normal life pattern again, I think I need an extra gold star for walking 3 miles a day in 95 degree heat though.

This month marks 1 year of having my current sewing machine, it had been about 3 years since I had one so I was overjoyed when I found a working 70s Kenmore on eBay for a good price. It is just like one the the ones I grew up sewing on. This dress was the first thing I sewed on it. I hadn't sewn with patterns in so long I didn't know what size I would take so this one is a size larger that I cut now, thank goodness for belts.
I noticed has lot of new Star Trek fabric, many of which are TNG so I may be making myself another Star Trek dress soon. 

How amazing are these Betsey Johnson heels? I thrifted them for $10, major score. I have always wanted a pair of Betseys and being glitter it only make them better. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for glittery shoes.

A snap of Hubby juggling this weekend
 And here are a few of me spinning.

Now I have some fuel again I'll set up the tripod and get some good long exposure shots. 

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello Sailor

I've always been in love with sailor dresses, I think they are the most amazing thing ever. One of the ones I have long admired is the Hell Bunny Vixen one and by a stroke of luck I now own one. I actually have had it for a couple of months now but I had hopes of a beach shoot to show it off but we have been so busy we haven't made it down to the coast. Today I broke down and got some photos myself. I planned to take them at the train station but they were having a conference in one the rooms so the parking was full so I went to my second choice of covered areas (the rain has been looming all day). After my failed attempt at outfit photos yesterday I figured I should shoot for a covered spot. Yesterday I got all dressed up and got to a location to take pictures, I snapped one then the bottom fell out of the sky. Luckily I was under a small awning but I had to wait to walk back to my car till after the downfall since I was wearing a lightweight and light colored dress, I was wearing a slip but it wouldn't have helped much if I got wet. I gave up and went to the grocery store and bought a couple of pink lady apples to snack on the rest of the week.
I got this dress on Poshmark for $25! The owner had only worn it once so it was brand new. Now I just need to find a petticoat to wear underneath it.

Outfit of the Day:

Hair flower- eBay
Dress- Hell Bunny Vixen
Brooch- vintage, from Hubby's Grandmother
Shoes- Thrifted

HD Powder- City Color
Eye shadow- NYX
Liner- Elf cream eyeliner
Lashes- Essence Lash Princess
Blush- Hikari, in Tango
Lips- Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in Outlaw

I set my hair overnight but this humidity ruins hair as soon as you step out the door.

Some nail polish appliques with some Ipsy points a few months back so I finally broke them out.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015


I've been working with this theme all week: bandanna, hair up, same style dress. I know almost all my photos here have my hair down but I really hate my hair loose, at home it is almost always kept in a braid or two or pulled back in a low pony. Even when I go out my hair is almost whipped up into a bun, it's just too hot to bother with hair on the neck. Today is supposed to be 98, but well over 100 with the heat index. It will be a good day to eat watermelon and jump in some water.

This is one of my all-time favorite dresses, I can't wear it out without getting tons of compliments.
 Not only is it in eye catching colors, it puts my geekdom on full show. 
 I found this amazing vintage enameled brooch at the Salvation Army store for $1! It hardly has a scratch on it, I couldn't believe it when I noticed it.
Outfit Details:

Bandanna: Dollar Store
Dress- Made By Me, Butterick 5982
Brooch/Belt- Vintage
Shoes- thrifted, Payless
 Our visiting family is leaving this week, it will seem so lonely with out them. We spent the afternoon with them yesterday and will be catching up late today too. Christmas can't come fast enough so we can see them again. It is amazing how fast Eden is growing, she has already grown so much since last year, by December I can't even fathom how much she will have progressed.

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Friday, July 10, 2015


Yesterday we attended a surprise birthday dinner for a friend's birthday. I was home alone since Hubby was helping a friend move after work so I headed out from the house early to take some outfit photos, I left plenty early because I planned to have fun taking photos. I chose the Kleman Plaza fountain since I realized I hadn't ever taken photos for the blog there. There weren't any close parking spots so I walked a few blocks down and no sooner than I set up the tripod I started getting hassled for money by transients. I couldn't set up the shot I wanted either since they were sitting on the benches that would be seen in the shot. I managed  to get a few quick pictures before I hiked back to my car hot and unhappy. I will be go back to get pictures there again but I'll be sure to have Hubby or a friend with me. I used to spend a lot of time at that plaza in the evening, now I don't want to be alone there even in the daylight.

Outfit Details:

Earrings- Claires, old
Bracelet/purse- vintage
Dress- Made by me
(Butterick 5982, fabric from
Belt- Target
Shoes- Old

My poor shoes had to be retired after last night, they were on their last leg and had been repaired several times already. They were my first pair of shoes I bought after I lost weight and a shoe size.


Ponytail - hair shop
Bandanna- craft store

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Abandoned Motel

While on the road to Weeki Wachee last week Hubby and I spotted an amazing retro motel sign. We were traveling too fast to stop so we passed by and hoped we would have time to stop on the way back. Since we left the park earlier than planned we traveled back in daylight. When we got close to the little town with the motel the clouds got dark and it threatened to rain. Luckily the rain held off and we were able to walk around on the property.
I was surprised and pleased that we didn't run into anyone, it looked pretty much abandoned although there were plenty of signs that people frequently visit.

Walking into the main entrance that was no longer accessible by car
 The office building was pretty interesting.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Florida Wildlife

Last Friday we had a family day at the Tallahassee Museum. My niece lives in Hawaii so she is not familiar with Florida's animals and nature. One of the best (and my favorite) places to show off Florida is the Tallahassee Museum. Eden still is a little young to appreciate all the exhibits but we could tell she loved being there in the outdoors.

 First we explored the caboose.

Outfit of the day:

Bandanna- Dollar Store
Sunnies- The Other Side
Earrings- Old, Claires
Pendant- Old, JoAnn's
Tank/shorts- thrifted
Sandals- Old, Burlington kids department  
The adorable dress is one of the pillowcase style dresses I made for this little cutie.

Petting the Allosaurus

So, who knew opossums store extra fat in their eyes? I didn't till we met this critter.

After meeting the opossum we wandered around the farm.

After the farm Eden had enough for the day so the rest of the family headed home. We stayed around to see the last animal talk.

 This beautiful plant was in the swamp overlooking the water. A group of kayaks passed by as I was taking these shots. 

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