Thursday, June 11, 2015

Webs and Rainbows

It has been rainy this week. I went to the beach with a friend on Tuesday but we had to limit our water time because of the lightning. It would be a few minutes in and a few out. I tried out a nifty waterproof bag for my older point and shoot camera and I was very glad to have it with all the rain. 

Today the rain let up just enough for me to grab some pictures before lunch.

I wore my Folter spiderweb skirt that I got a while back on a ModCloth sale. They were out of my normal size so I ordered up a size, which turned out to be about two sizes too big. I had my mom add some tucks at the back to make it fit, alas it is still too big. I need to find a better solution, maybe I'll add a drawstring or some elastic. I should have worn a belt today but things are always clearer in hindsight. 
Today's Outfit of the Day:

Wig- Amphigory
Real spiderweb necklace- gift
Blouse- thrifted
Skirt- ModCloth
Tights- gift, similar
Shoes- Payless
Bat Purse- $1 sale at The Other Side 

I got the lipstick in a gift set from Sephora since I wanted to try Kat Von D's  liquid lipstick and a nude lipstick is always handy.

 I got some nail art tools from Sephora too so I have been practicing.

Umbrellas are a pretty important thing to have in Florida since you never know when it will start raining. I have two or three just so I have one when I need it. This one is my new car umbrella, I found it at Salvation Army for $1! Can you believe it? I had always wanted a rainbow umbrella.

This weekend is supposed to clear up and be pretty, it will be nice to see the sun again. 

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