Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Five Wonderful Years

Wow, it's June already. Can you believe it? For us June is a very special anniversary, the anniversary of when we adopted our Weezer. 
Weezer came into our lives very early one Saturday morning. We promised to help a friend with a garage sale starting at 5am. We set up the wares, priced, and waiting for the deluge of people. When people started arriving we spotted a little kitten running in the street and under the parked cars. Hubby and I are always suckers for animals so we grabbed a kitty toy from the sale and lured the kitten to us to keep it out of the road. When we asked our friend who owned the kitten she told us it was the person that lived across from her, the owner had a cat that they refused to fix and had litters of kittens frequently. The owner's answer to the kittens was to put cat food in the street and wait for the kittens to get hit. The kitten we were playing with was the last one of this litter. Our friend urged us to take the kitten. Of course after hearing that story we grabbed the crazy little ball of orange fur and stuffed it in a kitty carrier and headed home. The poor kitten yowled all the way to our house.  
Our household already had two cats- Mercury, my cat, a beautiful exotic tuxedo manx and Prince, Hubby's cat, a green eyed brown tabby. We brought the carrier with the kitten inside and put it in the kitchen. We opened up a can of soft cat food and dished it out in three bowls. While Mercury and Prince were eating we let the little one out. The other cats didn't know what to think and hissed a few times but soon they shrugged and walked off. We showed the kitten around, we showed him the food and water bowls and the litter box. Luckily the little guy was already litter trained.
All the kitten wanted to do was play. Play, play, play. It was all we could do to keep up with him. When it was time for bed we crawled into the covers and snuggled with Prince and Mercury. Not long after we turned off the lights we heard clawing and soon the kitten was on the bed with us, he curled up between us and even to this day it is where he sleeps. 
Until we named him we called him Baby, since he was the baby of the family. We decided to name after one of our favorite band's, Weezer. All our animals have musician themed names (or at least till Tipsy came along). We jokingly called Weezer our ADHD kitten or Napalm Lion, he never would settle down or sit still. He would stare at you while you told him no but would be batting something over an edge. He particularly loved breaking my stuff. Because of this the kitten and I butted heads early on.
Shortly after getting Weezer I had a bad injury and wasn't able to walk for nearly 3 months. Mercury kept me company but Weezer constantly would spring off my foot or try to trip me when ever I tried to hobble anywhere. This made me like the scamp even less.
We perhaps waited too long to get him fixed. He escaped several times before he was fixed and we thought we would never see him again but each time he showed back up and meowed to let us know he was back. I hate to admit it but I wished that he would find another family to live with when he was out loose. After he came back in he would yowl all night long to be let out. When that didn't work he took to waiting till Hubby and I were both in the bedroom (and we were watching him) then peeing in the middle of the bed. After a week nightly bed peeing he took a trip to the doctor to get fixed.

Even two years down the line Weezer was still as hyper and uncontrollable. He had grown close to Mercury and demanded grooming each night before bed. It was so cute because Weezer was close to 17 pounds and Mercury was only 11. Mercury let the giant lay on him like he was still a kitten and would lick him on the head every night.

Early that October the unthinkable happened. One evening right in front of our house my Mercury was struck and killed by a car. I was devastated, Mercury was my soul mate and guardian. How was I suppose to live without him? Both Weezer and I went through a depressive state. Weezer gained weight and stopped cleaning himself. We turned to each other for comfort.

 To cheer myself up I went to cuddle kittens at the pound. Amazingly there was a little exotic tuxedo kitten there. I picked it up and nearly started crying. I think the kitten knew we were his people because he didn't want to let me go either. I immediately filled out the adoption form and picked the kitten up the next day at the vet. When I brought it home Prince turned tail and walked off but Weezer took to it right away. Soon he was licking it on the head just like Mercury had done for him since he was a kitten. It was like he grew up over night. He knew he needed to raise the kitten and be my cat just like Mercury. I still say I got the kitten for Weezer as much as I did for me.
Now Weezer and I are always together. He comes when called, even when in the yard, and is always there when I need a kitty to cuddle.  He is quite the talker and always welcomes people to our house but tells them exactly what he thinks. He normally doesn't join me when I sew but whenever my mom comes over he feels the need to supervise if we work on a project together. It is amazing that a kitten I couldn't stand for so long has grown up to be my best friend. Weezer is such a special cat and I love him dearly. He purrs me to sleep every night and I have a hard time falling asleep away from home without the 20 pound purring dead weight on my chest.
Weezer is often seen on my crochet website "helping" or on my Instagram.

I love you Weezer, you are my "Baby" and always will be.