Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Adventure

Saturday Hubby and I needed to get out of the house so we went for a little walk at the Lafayette Heritage Trail. We have wanted to see the pedestrian bridge ever since it was completed last spring but just hadn't found the time.

Entrance to the trail
Not 10 yards in and we almost stepped on this fellow. Hubby was proud I didn't loose my cool (I don't like snakes) but I know to slow down and pass respectfully so as not to disrupt them. Being such a sunny day I'm surprised this was the only one we saw.
 The bridge is beautiful and not a far walk so I may be using it for an outfit post or two soon. 
My mom just gave me a few of her workout outfits since she has had several medical things lately that are preventing her from exercising much. It was a nice confidence boost that they are so big on me, I keep thinking I've gained more weight than I have.
 The raised walkway is beautiful and such a nice way to add to the trail.
The view from the bridge
Many anoles were sunning and showing off for lady lizards.

After the bridge is a small trek through the woods then it opens up onto a land bridge between two lakes.
 We saw some kayakers taking advantage of the lovely day. The paddling trail looks easy so we are going to take the canoe out next time we go.

We saw a little 5-6 foot gator watching the people on the trail. He had his back out of the water when we first saw him but when I tried to get photos he sunk back down with only his head out.
 Hubby looking handsome while resting
At the highest the bridge is over 100 feet off the ground
I may get a manicure with a friend Saturday but if that plan falls through I think Hubby and I will take the canoe out paddle around. The weather is finally bright and sunny after having almost a whole month of rain and I want to take advantage of as much of it as possible.

Some Bunny Loves You!