Monday, May 25, 2015

Plantations and Southern Heat part 3

I've saved my favorite places for last.
My favorite thing at Pebble Hill has always been the ark. It is a simply charming. It is about the size of a small room and it is full of murals that were painted by the same artist that did the stunning murals inside the main house.

Eeep, there are even red pandas! Red pandas are some of my all time favorite animals.
Hubby's grandmother would have loved seeing the Siamese cats, she had quite the affinity for them.
 The tennis court is a popular area for weddings, they were even setting up for one while we were there.
 Hubby being silly, he didn't think I would catch him in the shot.

Next to the tennis court is the family cemetery.

The cemetery is so peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed our lovely daycation.

Saturday we went to the beach with some friends. I can't remember having so much fun in a very long time. I smiled and laughed almost all day. The weather was perfect and the water was warm yet refreshing. I managed to get a burn on my shoulders and chest but with how much skin I had out (I was brave and wore a bikini) I am glad that is all that burned. I always forget about how strong a reflection the water has. This weekend has been wonderful, I hope all of you having a wonderful time too. Much love.

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