Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plantations and Southern Heat part 2

The sleepy little road to the visitor's center is lined with splendid live oaks and southern magnolias. One side has rolling pastures and a little pond while the other is a fenced paddock area for the horses.

Along the road you will pass the pump house. It was build in 1929 and is a perfect example of 1920's industrial style.

We took this photo along the paddock fence, you will be hard pressed to find a spot on the plantation that isn't photogenic.

The visitor center is so grand, it almost looks like a castle.
Inside you can watch a video about the plantation and it has lots of tack and ribbons on display.

 The carriage house is full of carriages.

You can walk through the barns and old dairy. I took pictures but they didn't make the cut because in the end they were just pictures of stalls.
Aga­pan­thus are so pretty.

Doing my Mary Tyler Moore impression.

Just a few more photos to go. The last post in this series has a couple of my all time favorite places at the plantation.

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