Monday, May 25, 2015

Plantations and Southern Heat part 3

I've saved my favorite places for last.
My favorite thing at Pebble Hill has always been the ark. It is a simply charming. It is about the size of a small room and it is full of murals that were painted by the same artist that did the stunning murals inside the main house.

Eeep, there are even red pandas! Red pandas are some of my all time favorite animals.
Hubby's grandmother would have loved seeing the Siamese cats, she had quite the affinity for them.
 The tennis court is a popular area for weddings, they were even setting up for one while we were there.
 Hubby being silly, he didn't think I would catch him in the shot.

Next to the tennis court is the family cemetery.

The cemetery is so peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed our lovely daycation.

Saturday we went to the beach with some friends. I can't remember having so much fun in a very long time. I smiled and laughed almost all day. The weather was perfect and the water was warm yet refreshing. I managed to get a burn on my shoulders and chest but with how much skin I had out (I was brave and wore a bikini) I am glad that is all that burned. I always forget about how strong a reflection the water has. This weekend has been wonderful, I hope all of you having a wonderful time too. Much love.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plantations and Southern Heat part 2

The sleepy little road to the visitor's center is lined with splendid live oaks and southern magnolias. One side has rolling pastures and a little pond while the other is a fenced paddock area for the horses.

Along the road you will pass the pump house. It was build in 1929 and is a perfect example of 1920's industrial style.

We took this photo along the paddock fence, you will be hard pressed to find a spot on the plantation that isn't photogenic.

The visitor center is so grand, it almost looks like a castle.
Inside you can watch a video about the plantation and it has lots of tack and ribbons on display.

 The carriage house is full of carriages.

You can walk through the barns and old dairy. I took pictures but they didn't make the cut because in the end they were just pictures of stalls.
Aga­pan­thus are so pretty.

Doing my Mary Tyler Moore impression.

Just a few more photos to go. The last post in this series has a couple of my all time favorite places at the plantation.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Plantations and Southern Heat part 1

We all have places that we remember from childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of the times my parents took me to Pebble Hill Plantation. Pebble Hill Plantation is a historic shooting plantation outside of Thomasville, Georgia. The beautiful grounds (while much older) began it's journey to it's current splendor in 1901. A history can be found here. The plantation offers self guided walking tours of the grounds for $5 a person or for $15 you can get a docent guided tour of the main house and it's art collection. House tours are only for those 6 years old and older, I however got to go one one when I was younger than that because I was so well behaved and showed great interest in learning. While Hubby has never been on the house tour we opted just to tour the grounds this visit and to return with a family group for the house tour.  
The main house is is amazing from the outside, if you ever go be sure to go inside because the interior is even more opulent.

 I couldn't pass up posing in front of all these sunny yellow flowers.

Outfit of the day:

Sunnies- Amazon
Dress- Made by me
Belt- Vintage

I'm extremely happy with how this dress came out. I may fidget a bit with the front darts but that is only nitpicking. The pattern is McCalls 6955 with the long skirt variant. I cut down the volume of the skirt in the back from what the pattern calls for. I found it more flattering than the volume of this dress. I can't believe I've held onto this gingham so long without sewing with it, I found it and a matching lavender in a thrift shop almost 8 months ago. The lavender was made into a costume dirndl for Oktoberfest. This dress is the epitome of summer to me.


Most of the vine covered arches are wisteria, I bet it is stunning in spring. This was the only bloom we saw.

 The surrounding areas boast gardens, a palatial pool, reflecting ponds, and a tunnel maze (which I was too scared to venture into).

 The Overflow Cottage has a picturesque garden that overlooks rolling pastures.

The log cabin school is the oldest building on the property, it was built around 1901 and was used to educate the owner's children. The cabin has two rooms, one for learning and one for playing.

Stay tuned for the next part of our adventure. As always it is so hard to pick what photos to share, both Hubby and I were armed with cameras so we had even more than normal.

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