Monday, April 13, 2015

Love Is In The Air

I'm still sick and my head feels like it is in a fog but I am on the mend. By Friday night I knew I would only be able to manage one thing on Saturday so I had drop out of going to the bridal shower Saturday morning but I gathered up enough strength, and lots of dayquil, so I could go to the wedding (for different pair of friends) in the afternoon. 

The wedding was beautiful despite being an outdoor event on a super rainy day. The bride and groom are anything but traditional, in the most wonderful way, and the event was simply magical. The friend officiating the wedding prepared the sweetest message about the bride and groom full of movie quotes that complemented the lucky couple to a T. If you couldn't guess the theme was B-movies to suit the love of bad movies that the bride and groom share. The favors were popcorn containers with adorable yellow paper poofs on top that made it look like they were full of popcorn. In lieu of a cake the couple had "Damn Fine" coffee and, it goes without saying, jelly (and regular) doughnuts.

Now this get-up may seem a little odd to wear to a wedding but it was perfect for this wedding. 

I put together this whole outfit together on Poshmark, LOL.
Earrings- Betsey Johnson $10
Dress- Hell Bunny $15
Shoes- Mel $20
Grand total minus shipping: 
$45 for a whole wedding outfit

Well, to tell the truth I guess I should tack on about $10 for the ruffle trim I added to the dress but I have enough left to add to another so I'll just leave that off.

I had bought a different pair of shoes to wear to the wedding but with it being rainy I went with my Mel mary janes. I am so in love with these shoes. I'm so glad I had some extra funds in my posh account and I was able to get them.
The roses are from our garden. Our bush is a clipping from a clipping of Hubby's paternal grandmother's roses.

Some Bunny Loves You!