Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Very happy Earth Day to you! Today was an amazingly beautiful day so a friend and I took a trip to the Tallahassee Museum. The Tallahassee Museum (Jr Museum to locals) is a 50 + acre museum dedicated to Florida's history and unique wildlife. The land is right off a lake and is kept mostly natural to house resident animals that are all native to the area. It is a wonderful way to see bobcats to bald eagles close up. All the birds are rescues that would be unable to live in the wild.
One of the river otters was doing laps of it's pool by doing backflips

The hawks were stunning
This lovely lady is 33 years old and has suffered two breaks on the same wing in her lifetime

Several frogs were chilling in the pond in the eagle area

Red Wolf
 The bobcats were particularly playful today. We watched this one run all over chasing butterflies and playing with the downed branches.

 Just being a cat

Florida's state animal, the Florida Panther

 It was just outstandingly beautiful today and such a nice temperature

 I had to wear my skirt with squirrels since it is such a great location for squirrel watching. I did get some photos of a white one that I will share later this week.

 Gray foxes are one of only two canids that can climb trees. It's kind of fun to point them out in trees to people that aren't expecting them to be there. The gray foxes share an area with the skunks but we didn't get to see any skunks.
Alligator siblings

I took so many pictures today that I'm going to have to break them up to share.

Some Bunny Loves You!