Thursday, April 23, 2015


More of my earth day adventure.

I am totally fascinated by dinosaurs. When I was little I was sure I was going to study them when I grew up. One of the newer installations at The Tallahassee Museum are the Jim Gary dinosaurs. The 20th Century Dinosaurs are dispersed around the trails and have plaques that mention parts that are included in each dino. It is so much fun coming around a corner and being face to face with a huge colorful sculpture. 
 The Apatosaurus is the first dino you see when you enter the grounds. It is a personal favorite of mine, partly because it it bright pink. 
My earth day outfit:

Sunnies- Amazon
Earrings- Wild Bryde, secondhand
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Handmade by me
Shoes- Mel by Melissa, secondhand

Overall I think I did well on a earth conscious outfit. 

 The pteranodons soar over a side of the swamp
 The stegosaurus is in the brush looking for tasty plants to nibble
 The dimetrodon knows he's cool
 The triceratops shyly peers out from the trees 
 The allosaurus looks to have found a fossil
 The brontosaurus is reaching up for the best tasting leaves

Who's that?
Look who popped up
It's the plesiosaur! This fellow is my ultimate favorite. He does have flippers that you can't see. Once when I was there the lake was dry and you could see the whole sculpture.
I bet he loves this view
The museum also has more Jim Gary sculptures than just the dinos. By the Discovery Center you can find several types of birds, some ants, and even a turtle.

Stay tuned for even more photos of my earth day adventure.

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