Monday, April 6, 2015


Sunday we had a beach day, it was a friend's birthday and she always does a beach day to celebrate. We met up at St George Island by the Lighthouse and the Blue Parrot. We arrived a little early to take photos of the lighthouse

 I picked up this maxi dress at a thrift shop when we went to Panama City to camp but since we left early due to weather I never got to wear it. I'm not the biggest fan of blues or greens but really love this shade of blue, it is the color of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Turquoise is one of my all time favorite stones.
I am so in love with these sunnies, I got them on Amazon for $8. I want them in every color, especially the hot pink. 

The sun kept hiding behind the clouds and the wind was strong so it seemed much cooler than it really was. I broke down and pulled out my hoodie later in the afternoon to stay warm.
 We brought two kites with us to the beach, one stunt kite and our triplane. The beach filled up quickly with people so Hubby didn't want to take out the stunt kite because he was unsure of how much he would be able to control it in the strong wind. Last time we tried to fly the triplane we couldn't even get it off the ground, this time we kept it up for around an hour.

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