Friday, April 24, 2015

At the Farm

The past couple of days I've been pretty busy. Today my mom, dad, and I all did a Costco trip then we went to our favorite vintage shop, The Other Side. I found a pair of boots that are perfect for a Mad Max styled costume I'm working on and a great captain's hat. No outfit post though, I've been in jeans and band shirts, although I do have more photos from my earth day adventure.

I love the old fashioned farm on the grounds. It is a recreation of a rural north Florida farm from the 1880s. While the buildings were closed the day we went the farm is often bustling with reenactors working in the blacksmith shop, tending the animals, and cooking in the farm kitchen.
 The kitchen and the living quarters are in separate buildings. 
There is a small garden patch by the house that has seasonal crops.

Next to the garden is the mule pin and the grain mill.
Mules are beautiful animals, but terribly unfriendly.
Gate weight

 On the opposite side of the farm are the livestock. The farm has a fat hog, a sassy dairy cow, goats, sheep, chickens, and geese.
 This goat is one of the newest members to the farm, he was a little baby only a few months ago.

The cow was being unsocial so she hid in her stall.

The barn shelter is full of antique farming equipment.
 We spotted a welcome visitor to the farm, a white squirrel. The Tallahassee Museum is well known for it's population of white squirrels, they are fewer in number then when I was a child but still you almost always spot one on a trip there.
A skink was chilling on a beam of the blacksmith shop. I am not a lizard person so I kept my distance.
 The museum often offers blacksmithing courses, someday I hope to take one along with Hubby. We both have keen interest in the craft and I do have it in my blood, my biological father was a blacksmith.

I have one more post worth of pictures. Tune in soon for more of the historic buildings on the grounds.

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