Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventures in the Past

These are the last of the photos I took on earth day. The museum has more historic buildings than just the farm.

There is an 1890s school house on the grounds. The Concord Schoolhouse was built in the county for children of former slaves.

There is also an old church on the grounds. It was rebuilt in 1937 from parts of the old church and when it was moved to the grounds of the museum it was restored by Florida A&M University as a bicentennial project.
I was very excited about walking through the Bellevue Plantation house but it was closed for painting. I walked over to view it from the outside and take a few pictures. The painters were kind enough to let us in, they just warned us about the areas that were wet.
 I would have gotten a full shot but there were painter's tarps on one side. 

 Bellevue was the home of Catherine Murat, a princess by marriage. I often visit her grave in a downtown cemetery but it was very interesting seeing the house she lived in. It is a modest two story home, the house was kept as close to original as safe to do (a sprinkler system has been added), it is filled with exhibits about daily life on a cotton plantation.

An all time favorite thing of mine to explore is the Seaboard caboose. It is a beautifully restored 1920's caboose with artifacts to examine, you are even free to climb into the cupola but my friend and I opted not to this time. 

On your way to the farm you pass the store, it is set up to be like a 1900s general store. It is filled with exhibits of goods you would have seen in a store at that time. When I was younger the building actually was the real store for the museum, I remember saving up my change to buy old fashioned hard candy.

 It was such a fun day, I can't wait to go back. The Tallahassee Museum is near and dear to my heart, I went to preschool there.It is a shame I don't go more often, I think I may have to buy a membership soon so I can go whenever I want. 

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