Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Dress of Doom

One of the first Bernie Dexter dresses I ever saw was the one with sundaes all over it, it was love at first sight. I nearly freaked out when I found the fabric at Fabric.com but when I found it it was out of stock. Last month I noticed it was back in stock and I immediately ordered 4 yards. I picked out a pattern similar to a Bernie dress and waited impatiently for the fabric to come. I had ordered during a time that was having delays because of weather. The day it was supposed to arrive I waited all day but no package! That night after it had been pouring all afternoon and evening I checked on the tracking number to see what had happened, low and behold they must have delivered it during the hour I was walking in the morning and instead of leaving it on my front screened in porch they had left it on the back step. I don't use the back door often and I'm glad I found it because who knows how long it could have stayed out there. I had planned to make and wear the dress on Hubby's and my anniversary and to take a stroll around a nearby town's historic district. There is a really cute mural that would have looked cute as a background for couple pictures. With the shipping delays then the being left in the rain that only left me one day to make the dress. I laid it out first thing the next morning and started to cut it out, after the first cut I realized, to my horror, I had layed out the pattern for a two way print not a one way and the one cut I made was upside down. I was making a very full skirt so that cut ruined my whole ability to make the dress, as well as taking up so much room I didn't have much of any yardage left to cut anything else out. I had a breakdown, I had just wasted $20 with one cut. After calming myself down I tried laying out other patterns but nothing fit. I managed to fit Butterick 4443. I cut it out then set it in the corner because I couldn't look at it. The weather was horrible on our anniversary so we had to cancel out plans anyway, walking tours aren't good in the rain.

About a week later I pulled out the pieces of the dress and started to assemble it. To my horror I was missing two pieces and I had already given away the scraps of the fabric. *beat head on wall moment*. I searched through my scraps of solids and found enough red to cut out the side pieces.  (If I had more red I could have done the whole bodice red and it would have looked more like one of the Bernie dresses) I hastily whipped the dress together. When it was together I had to put it away again because I didn't have the right color bias tape and zipper. This week I got both bias tape and a zipper and finished it up yesterday.  It is finally wearable but I am so unhappy with it. I wore it today out to lunch with my husband's department. It made a nice showing and I got compliments on it but I really need to alter a few things on it before I am even some-what happy with it. 

I give you the dress of doom:
 I love my BAIT heels
Earrings by: Belladonna's Rag Doll
Belt: Target

I'll probably wear the dress of doom with a cardigan till I get around to altering it.

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