Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break Camping

Every March my parents book a spot in St. Andrew's State park for a week and a half and are sweet enough to share their site with us. This year we joined them from Wednesday to Friday, we would have stayed into Saturday if it had not been such yucky weather on Friday. Heavy showers and wind are not good in a small dome tent.

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Wednesday when we arrived it was warm and sunny. We helped my parents set up then we put up our camp. After set up all four of us sat down for an early dinner, Mom heated up chowder in the electric skillet and we made sandwiches. After our stomachs were full Hubby and I took a stroll to the boat ramp and the turpentine still. The fog rolled in while we walked along the beach.
I loved my spunky little outfit I put together for Wednesday. I had picked up these sandals at Salvation Army in a $1 sale without even trying them on. I pulled them out the day before the trip and put them on to find that they are the most comfy shoes in the world! I had never heard of Bare Traps before these and I have already ordered another pair off Poshmark in a more neutral shade.

Sunnies- surf shop, old
Tie front shirt- thrifted for $1
Shoes- Bare Traps, thrifted for $1

I don't have much of anything in this sea green but I'll be trying to find more so I can wear these shoes all the time.
I love North Florida beaches- sand, pine cones, and oak leaves.
These colorful kayaks are available for rent during the day. It would be fun to canoe/kayak in the park but the speed boats would probably run you over if you didn't follow along the coast. We almost brought the canoe but decided not to at the last moment because the weather outlook.
This beauty was resting on the rocks by the fish cleaning station. He let me get about 3 feet from him to take this photo. Great Blue Herons are so beautiful, they have always been one of my favorite birds.
My parents were on the pier when we arrived so we talked while we watched the fog roll in. When we headed back Hubby stayed behind for a few minutes. Back in camp we noticed we had a visitor, a marsh rabbit. The rabbit's den must have been at the edge of our camp because he kept us company the whole trip.

While I watched the bunny I got a text from Hubby saying he saw three does and a buck. Soon he returned to camp and told us one of the does walked up to him and slobbered on him then wanted to be petted. I was curious so I walked to the still with him. On the way we spotted two more does and a fawn grazing in the palmettos. I didn't get to meet friendly deer but I did see two more does and the buck walked right past us. It was eerie standing in the foggy twilight while deer appeared and disappeared into thin air.

That evening we sat around the fire and talked till our bodies told us it was time for bed. I woke up at one point during the night thinking it was raining but the fog was so thick it would condense on the trees then drip onto our tent.

Tune in soon for day two.

Some Bunny Loves Ya!