Monday, March 16, 2015

Alt*con 2015

Alt*con is Tallahassee's geek convention, it is a small con that is just starting out. This year it was held at a larger location than last year and had open areas for people to mingle. Last year there really wasn't an area for cosplayers and people to talk that wasn't blocking vendor's booths. I was happy there was a food truck vending on Saturday. Next year I hope to see several more local food trucks with varying styles and offerings of food, the truck that came was amazing but it did not have options for vegetarians or vegans/people with egg or milk allergies. The group of people I was with had to leave the grounds to find food they could eat. The big guest of the con was Nicholas Brendon who is best known for being Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately he was arrested for criminal mischief  the evening before the con. The arrest spun the con on it's head, and Saturday was totally disorganized. I understand that it is stressful when a guest has to be bailed out but there is a saying in show biz- "The show must go on".  No schedules were available for the first day and the website wasn't updated with times for events, panels, or performances. 

The disorganization was unforgivable, I had friends that were performing and they weren't even told what time they would be going on until an hour before their performance and their second performance was moved several times.  The activities that were scheduled were put so close together there wasn't time to properly prepare backstage for each thing. The cosplay and costume contests were held late in the day and on Sunday the winners couldn't spend their winnings at the vendors because they had closed up shop by the time the contest was over. Also on Sunday they started filling the backstage with costume contestants half way through a performance resulting in making dancers have to dodge people to get on stage in time for their numbers and someone opened doors on the changing rooms of the dancers so they had no privacy while changing between acts. They ended up cutting short the performance. 

The panels I attended were very interesting but the speakers had to yell since the panels were held in the same room as the main stage which had a sound system that must have been turned up to 11.

When Nicholas Brendon was bailed out and arrived he was super nice and even addressed his depression and the issues that can come with it. Another great guest was RJ Haddy, he is every bit as sweet and friendly as he appeared on Face Off. I wish I had had the money to take one of his classes, one of my friends took one and said it was amazing and very helpful.

My friends and I had a great time in sprite of the flaws of the event planning. Alt*con is young and can only get bigger and better.

*Please note, these are my personal opinions, and not anyone else's in these photos*

Sunday we did a large group cosplay from Firefly. We would have had a Simon too but our friend that was going to be him came down with a stomach bug. I was pleased so many people knew who I was, on Saturday I was young Mallory Archer from Archer but most people thought I was River Song. Pretty much as soon as I arrived on Sunday people were addressing me as Saffron and or Mrs. Reynolds.

Now with the fun-
My costume was mostly thrifted then altered. I didn't have time to create a pattern and make a screen accurate costume. The shirt was bought on Poshmark, I removed the ties and closed the slit in the neck. The skirt was much longer and lighter in color. I shortened and tea dyed it, I could have left it in the tea a little longer. I may try dying again to try to match it better to the top. I made the apron (for lack of a better description) and I designed and crocheted the shawl. I wore Minnetonka sandals that were thrifted and the flower crown was my circlet from my wedding. The wig was from eBay, it is one marketed as a Black Widow wig.

Last year's costumes: Ramona Flowers and Stocking

Our full group
The crew

The guys
The gals

Two Mal's?

One of my favorite shots of the day
The cover of Mal's autobiography
In Jayne's dreams. I have another shot of this pose after we all broke down laughing.

It's okay, they are married ;)
Our real life couples

Thanks so much Hubby for taking these and putting up with all our craziness.

Our group placed 2nd in the costume contest and we used our winnings to go out for well deserved pizza and beer. Another pair of our friends took 3rd, I think we all did well.

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