Monday, March 2, 2015


This weekend Hubby and I have been married 7 years but we have only had 1 real anniversary (we got married on leap day).  It's hard to believe, we've been together for 10 years and I'm not even 30 yet.

I had originally planned for us to do a self guided walking tour of a small neighboring town with a cool historic district but the forecast of overcast turned into cool drizzly rain. Walking and photography are just not fun in the rain so we changed our plans and went to a spring tournament the volleyball team was hosting. When the games broke for lunch we went to one of our favorite restaurants by campus, The Pitaria. Since it was a special day for us we went all out- gyros, pita fries, and baklava. Oh the yum!
Later that evening we popped in Resident Evil 5 and played several chapters together. I am a gamer girl to the core and Resident Evil is one of my favorite franchises. While I am not a fan of the newer games 5 was still fun and I enjoyed that Hubby and I could play together. I always play Sheva and he plays Chris. I remember when it first came out we had a friendly challenge with some of our friends who could finish first with the most achievements, we won of course. We had planned to switch over to the Wii and play Umbrella Chronicles too but the UFC 184 fight was on that night so we went to a friend's house to watch. It was an amazing night of fights, so many matches ended in submission. The title fight was won in 14 seconds, Ronda Rousey is a beast!

Sundays are family days so we lunched with my parents then we went to Hubby's parent's house. Hubby's parents took us out to dinner. Originally I didn't want Italian since we had so much the past week but then I got a craving for Carrabba's. I got soup and a salad then mini cannolis to finish.

I'm so excited that we have so much stuff planned for March, it will be busy but fun. I finally finished my costume for the upcoming con, it was just a simple one but several small components just didn't want to work so it took longer than planned. Soon I get a whole week with Hubby, he has been working so hard lately he gets home too late to do stuff on the weekdays. He really needed some time off.

 I just dropped by bike off at the shop today to get a tune up since the weather is warming up and we should be able to get out to ride more often.

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