Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Dress of Doom

One of the first Bernie Dexter dresses I ever saw was the one with sundaes all over it, it was love at first sight. I nearly freaked out when I found the fabric at Fabric.com but when I found it it was out of stock. Last month I noticed it was back in stock and I immediately ordered 4 yards. I picked out a pattern similar to a Bernie dress and waited impatiently for the fabric to come. I had ordered during a time that was having delays because of weather. The day it was supposed to arrive I waited all day but no package! That night after it had been pouring all afternoon and evening I checked on the tracking number to see what had happened, low and behold they must have delivered it during the hour I was walking in the morning and instead of leaving it on my front screened in porch they had left it on the back step. I don't use the back door often and I'm glad I found it because who knows how long it could have stayed out there. I had planned to make and wear the dress on Hubby's and my anniversary and to take a stroll around a nearby town's historic district. There is a really cute mural that would have looked cute as a background for couple pictures. With the shipping delays then the being left in the rain that only left me one day to make the dress. I laid it out first thing the next morning and started to cut it out, after the first cut I realized, to my horror, I had layed out the pattern for a two way print not a one way and the one cut I made was upside down. I was making a very full skirt so that cut ruined my whole ability to make the dress, as well as taking up so much room I didn't have much of any yardage left to cut anything else out. I had a breakdown, I had just wasted $20 with one cut. After calming myself down I tried laying out other patterns but nothing fit. I managed to fit Butterick 4443. I cut it out then set it in the corner because I couldn't look at it. The weather was horrible on our anniversary so we had to cancel out plans anyway, walking tours aren't good in the rain.

About a week later I pulled out the pieces of the dress and started to assemble it. To my horror I was missing two pieces and I had already given away the scraps of the fabric. *beat head on wall moment*. I searched through my scraps of solids and found enough red to cut out the side pieces.  (If I had more red I could have done the whole bodice red and it would have looked more like one of the Bernie dresses) I hastily whipped the dress together. When it was together I had to put it away again because I didn't have the right color bias tape and zipper. This week I got both bias tape and a zipper and finished it up yesterday.  It is finally wearable but I am so unhappy with it. I wore it today out to lunch with my husband's department. It made a nice showing and I got compliments on it but I really need to alter a few things on it before I am even some-what happy with it. 

I give you the dress of doom:
 I love my BAIT heels
Earrings by: Belladonna's Rag Doll
Belt: Target

I'll probably wear the dress of doom with a cardigan till I get around to altering it.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today is a special day, it's Hubby's birthday. Our Thursday lunch spot is a favorite of his so we didn't have to change up our week for him to get his favorite lunch. We aren't doing a big party or get-together since this weekend will be so busy but we are going to get dinner out at another of our favorite places then turn in early because poor Hubby has jury duty tomorrow.
I dragged out the DSRL since my point and shoot doesn't have as rich colors and this dress totally gets washed out- example A. I'm glad  took pictures before lunch because it is stormy now. All our baby veggie plants will love the rain though.
Outfit details:

Lips- NYX butter lipstick in Hunk
Rarity Necklace- Etsy
Button: Won from Super Orange
Dress- handmade
(Butterick 5982 and fabric from fabric.com)
Holographic silver belt- Target
Silver glitter shoes- Soda, thrifted
Button- May the mane of Celestia never cease motion

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

It's official, it's finally Spring. Here in Florida we got our week of Spring a few weeks ago and now it is gearing up for Summer. Tallahassee hit two record high temps this week, one day was 88 and one was 89 degrees. It feels amazing! I just need to start getting up a little earlier to walk so I don't get all sweaty.
To celebrate Spring and The International Day of Happiness I wore a bright happy outfit. I found this dress on the way home from our camping trip at a Goodwill, it originally tied in back but I cut the ties off so I could wear it with a belt.

Eyes: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction
Water Line: Wonder Pencil in Light NYX
Liner: Sephora Gel Liner
Lips: Round Lipstick in Eros NYX 
Nails: NY Blues NYC

Flower: eBay
Sunnies: Amazon
Dress: thrifted
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
bought secondhand from Poshmark

I have been in love with this style of shoe ever since I saw Modern June Cleaver's pair. Of course I would love to have a pair of the cherry ones like her's but Lady Dragon's are the perfect combination of sexy and quirky so matter what style you choose. Recently I found several pairs on Poshmark and I saved up to buy one. I had a little trouble deciding what size to go with since I am a half size but since the older style ones run large (as reviewed by other bloggers) I went with an 8. Not only were these the cheapest in an 8 I thought they were the cutest. I'm a juggler so I gravitate towards orbs. 
 Some beautiful irises blooming at the lake 
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break Camping Continued

Hubby and I woke up just after dawn, I tried to convince him to go down to the bird watching deck with me but he was still tired so we cuddled back up and got up when my parents got up around 8:30. My dad made us all pancakes for breakfast, pancakes are even more yummy when camping. After breakfast we hopped on our bikes and rode to the bird watching area. A large great blue heron was guarding it's nest and we watched it run off several other herons. After it ran off the intruders it came and sat in a tree over us giving us a good stare. We decided to give it some room so we rode to the jetty.
My new flip flops, Hubby and I both got new pairs since his fell apart and the kitten mauled mine.

The weather was cool and cloudy so the beach was deserted. I burn like a red head so I was glad of the cloud cover. 
 I recently found these nice bike pants at Goodwill. They are amazingly comfy, well made, and don't ride up thanks to the grippie elastic around the calves. I love when I can find nice athletic gear used/secondhand because I have a hard time affording it new. You can't really see it but I also have a nice bike jersey I picked up at Salvation Army for super cheap. My whole outfit cost about $10.
Bandanna's are a great helmet hair saver. I think I picked up this cute one at a craft store.

The beach is covered with rosemary

Hubby and I sat on the rocks and watched boats go by while we smoked a cigar. St Andew's has done lots of work lately and one of the new things they added was a store at the beach. I was able to pick up some post cards to send to my niece, a patch to add to my collection, and ice cream.
Hubby got a classic ice cream sandwich and I got my very favorite, a strawberry shortcake bar.
 On the way back to camp we stopped by Gator Lake. The only gator we saw was this cute little 3 foot guy. We hiked the trails around the lake in hopes of spying some larger gators like we did last year but we didn't see any.

After our hike it was just about time for lunch so we returned to camp. After lunch we look a ride into town from the park, we did about 6 miles but didn't find anything interesting other than a pawn shop we picked up several DVDs at. After a nap and dinner we rode to the beach to try to see the sunset,  while we waited we watched the paddle surfers. We didn't get to see a sunset, the clouds were too thick and all we saw was a line of pink.
St Andrew's is known for it's beautiful emerald green water

Since the sunset was disappointing we rode still to watch deer. No sign of the buck but we did see several does.

Thursday night the wind picked up and tried to take our tent. We were staked down but we almost lost our fly, the wind kept picking it up like a balloon, it make it very hard to sleep. Early in the morning it started raining. Even though we have a pavilion we set up over our tent we still started getting water coming in through the zipper. Luckily we knew the rain was coming so the interior of the tent was already packed up. When the rain slowed we got out and took down the tent and folded everything up. We joined my parents for a quick cereal breakfast then packed up and headed out. We would have liked to have stayed through Friday and into Saturday evening but the rain chances kept fluctuating between 40-90 percent. 
On the way out of the park we spotted the fawn again. We stopped so I could hang my head out the window to get a quick picture.

When we got home Hubby had to pull out all our gear to rinse it off and let it dry in the sun before packing it up properly. I think I'm finally done with laundry and unpacking all the gear bags. This trip combined with the con really took a tole on my body, I'm still sore but I'm working through it. Next trip I must remember to bring sneakers to bike in, my ankles are mad I did 12 miles in flip flops.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break Camping

Every March my parents book a spot in St. Andrew's State park for a week and a half and are sweet enough to share their site with us. This year we joined them from Wednesday to Friday, we would have stayed into Saturday if it had not been such yucky weather on Friday. Heavy showers and wind are not good in a small dome tent.

See our adventure from last year

Wednesday when we arrived it was warm and sunny. We helped my parents set up then we put up our camp. After set up all four of us sat down for an early dinner, Mom heated up chowder in the electric skillet and we made sandwiches. After our stomachs were full Hubby and I took a stroll to the boat ramp and the turpentine still. The fog rolled in while we walked along the beach.
I loved my spunky little outfit I put together for Wednesday. I had picked up these sandals at Salvation Army in a $1 sale without even trying them on. I pulled them out the day before the trip and put them on to find that they are the most comfy shoes in the world! I had never heard of Bare Traps before these and I have already ordered another pair off Poshmark in a more neutral shade.

Sunnies- surf shop, old
Tie front shirt- thrifted for $1
Shoes- Bare Traps, thrifted for $1

I don't have much of anything in this sea green but I'll be trying to find more so I can wear these shoes all the time.
I love North Florida beaches- sand, pine cones, and oak leaves.
These colorful kayaks are available for rent during the day. It would be fun to canoe/kayak in the park but the speed boats would probably run you over if you didn't follow along the coast. We almost brought the canoe but decided not to at the last moment because the weather outlook.
This beauty was resting on the rocks by the fish cleaning station. He let me get about 3 feet from him to take this photo. Great Blue Herons are so beautiful, they have always been one of my favorite birds.
My parents were on the pier when we arrived so we talked while we watched the fog roll in. When we headed back Hubby stayed behind for a few minutes. Back in camp we noticed we had a visitor, a marsh rabbit. The rabbit's den must have been at the edge of our camp because he kept us company the whole trip.

While I watched the bunny I got a text from Hubby saying he saw three does and a buck. Soon he returned to camp and told us one of the does walked up to him and slobbered on him then wanted to be petted. I was curious so I walked to the still with him. On the way we spotted two more does and a fawn grazing in the palmettos. I didn't get to meet friendly deer but I did see two more does and the buck walked right past us. It was eerie standing in the foggy twilight while deer appeared and disappeared into thin air.

That evening we sat around the fire and talked till our bodies told us it was time for bed. I woke up at one point during the night thinking it was raining but the fog was so thick it would condense on the trees then drip onto our tent.

Tune in soon for day two.

Some Bunny Loves Ya!