Thursday, February 12, 2015


Car update- after they removed the damaged parts they found more damage underneath (as expected). The shop had to wait for the insurance guy to come out to assess the damage and cut a new check. The added work now has pushed it back to mid-week next week but the rental has been extended so I'm not being left stranded. Guess I'll just have to endure the adorable yellow rental for longer, lol.

Recently Flock Together had a post with an adorable fox sweater from Target. Target makes the most adorable affordable sweaters. I searched around and found one on Poshmark but it was a little bit more than I would have liked to pay for it. I watched it for a long time and it finally came down in price so I snapped it up. It was a size smaller than I normally would order in juniors sizing and when it arrived I pulled it out and thought "I'm never going to fit into that". But never fear, it fit perfectly. This sweater puts together two of my favorite things-  foxes and bright pink. I even have nice costume fox ears and tail in this bright pink, I really want to wear them together.

My house is rather dark so I didn't notice that the outline on the fox was navy till I was in the park today. Oddly enough I had pulled out my navy pencil skirt to match with it first before I went with the dress. I might wear the pencil skirt with it next time.
 I don't visit this park often, but I thought it would be good for a fox themed outfit. I had planned to wear this this weekend to go to an event at the Tallahassee Museum, but we made other plans. The Tallahassee Museum, or Jr. Museum as most Tallahasseeians know it as, is a wild animal park that keeps only local animals in natural habitats. They have habitats for both red and gray foxes and this would have been adorable to wear there.
I'm a fox

Sunnies- Amazon
Dress- ModCloth
Bag- Betsey Johnson (Christmas gift, outlet)
Sweater- Target, bought on Poshmark
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless
These little wild violets were blooming everywhere
Some Bunny Loves You!