Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twin Peaks

Happy belated Twin Peaks day! 

In honor of Twin Peaks I put together a little collection of my favorite Twin Peaks items.

The perfect item for making voice notes.

Everything at Modern Girl Blitz is killer

We call her Log Lady

A memento from one of my favorite residents.

If you like to cross stitch check out Pyro Dog Pins on Etsy.
They have a great selection of geekdom and lots of Twin Peaks.

 Cherry | Coffee
Lodge | Log
If you sew check out these fabrics

I'm lucky to have a mother from the Pacific Northwest, I was introduced to the art at a young age.
I even think I had one or both of these books. 

What's Twin Peaks station without some jelly donuts?


Every girl needs a little Audrey style

I can't wait till 2016!