Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Touch of Turquoise

Woowie, it has been a long week. Dealing with insurance companies can be a pain but so far so good with dealing with mine and the lady's who hit me. In fact everyone I have dealt with has been informative and friendly and made everything go so smoothly. My car is in the body shop and I have a rental (a really cute bright yellow one).

I tried out yoga yesterday with help from amazon instant watch. I really felt it this morning. Not really sure yet if it is for me or not but I may try a few more videos then go to a class with from a friend if I enjoy it. My walk this morning was cooler and windier than I had planned on. It was just under 50 which I can handle but the wind made it feel down right cold. A beautiful red shouldered hawk was perched on a post but when I got closer he flew away before I could take a photo of him.
Cool weather just makes me want to live in flannel shirts or sweaters and boots. I have several flannel shirts but woman's styles of them can vary wildly. I just want a button-up with long sleeves so I grabbed this one for myself when I was shopping for new (thrifted) flannel shirts for Hubby.
 I adore turquoise, it is probably my favorite stone. I remember, when I was a child, traveling to the South West and admiring all the lovely jewelry made on the reservations. While my family is Cherokee, my Great Grandfather was raised in Arizona and my love of all things South West comes from hearing all the stories passed down. Every time my mom and dad travel they bring me back a little turquoise jewelry item. The last trip they brought me amazing spider stud earrings. The skull earrings I'm wearing here were a gift from my in-laws.
Lol, my camera snapped this when I wasn't ready because it detected a smile.
Turquoise skull earrings- gift
Hair feathers- old
Turquoise necklace- art trade, desperately trying to remember the name of the artist
Flannel shirt- J Crew, thrifted
Tank- Calvin Klein, thrifted
Boots- Minnetonka , I've had these since I was a teenager

I wish I had gotten a close up of my make-up today. I'm trying to get into wearing a little color again, last year I was being so plain and boring. My lids are Ethereal by Pacifica, the creases are Sea Spray by Coastal Scents, and the corners are Deep Viridian by Coastal Scents. The top liner and wings are a black gel liner from Sephora and the waterline is a sparkly teal pencil from Hot Topic. I totally forgot to put on lipstick or even lip balm.

I visited the Old City Cemetery Monday morning after dropping off my car and getting the rental. It was super foggy in the morning but it had lifted in some areas (and the cemetery) when I got there around 9 am. I did take lots of photos I'll be sharing on Instagram and possibly a post here on the blog.

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