Thursday, February 19, 2015

Desperately Seeking Spring

I'm going to start out by saying I'm a Florida girl. Normally in February it is hovering in the mid to high 60s. Today it is in the low 40s, it was below freezing when it came for my walk today. Nope- I don't mind walking when it is cold, 40 + is preferable but I can do lower as long as it isn't windy. Today was cold and windy, burrr! To combat this weather I decided to pretend it is Spring and see if the weather takes notice.
I'm not the biggest fan of pastels but nothing says Spring like lovely light colors.
I brought along my DSRL so I could get some photos without being washed out but I only snapped a couple with it because I had forgotten to charge it. These were taken at my favorite vintage store- The Other Side. I picked up this cute blazer in one of their $1 sales, it's not vintage but it has a sweet like candy feel of Burt from Mary Poppins. It's a little too big but hey, it was a dollar.
I should have picked a more whimsical necklace but I was running out of time this morning and grabbed the first purple necklace I could find. Maybe next time I'll wear a My Little Pony necklace.
Outfit details:
Hair Flower- eBay
Amethyst Necklace- Art Swap
Jacket- Thrifted for $1, Target
Lavender Dress- Thrifted, Walmart
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Clearance Kids Section from Payless
Some Bunny Loves Ya!