Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I really would have liked to have gotten this posted yesterday but my car got out of the shop early so I walked down to pick it up then I dropped off the rental and walked home from there. 

Valentine's day we took the bunnies out to play in the yard. Normally all three bunnies don't get put in the same area since Ringo and Yuki are a bonded pair and they don't want Tipsy to spoil their fun. Poor Tipsy really likes the other bunnies but she doesn't understand why they don't like her.

Bunny meet and greet: 


My first bunny as an adult. We adopted him from the shelter as a little bitty 3 month old.
obligatory baby photo, awe!
We think Ringo is a Holland Lop, he is on the high end of the size and is our biggest bunny. His favorite snacks are apples and mint. We often call him grumpy old man and a fluffy marshmallow. He is a total sweetheart and loves his morning and evening ear rubs. 


Our second bunny, I found her on Craig's List. Her owners were having to move to a one room apartment and had to give her up. We bought her from them and they gave us a cage and all the food and litter they had on hand. Yuki has been a learning experience, I had never owned such a wooly rabbit, everything she came in contact with stuck to her. Luckily now she has her adult wool it isn't so bad, plus Ringo is a great husbun and grooms her constantly. She is a blue-eyed white double maned lion head.
She and Ringo have full roam of our Florida room/screened in porch. They have a pretty purple hutch that Hubby built to stay in at night. Yuki and Ringo both love sitting on the porch furniture then hopping in the window into the living room. She knows she is a princess and expects people to bow down to her beauty.

Yuki is so tiny, despite her wool making her look bigger she is only about 2 pounds.


Lastly our newest bunny, Tipsy. She is positively tiny. We adopted her from the pound. Poor little thing must have been a pet shop bunny. She didn't know how to hop, growled anytime you touched her litter, would lunge to bite when items were offered to her, and felt safest in a tiny area or cage. Since we got her she has made amazing strides, she is the sweetest and friendliest of our bunch. She loves pets and even sits on the couch with me to watch TV. She is our house bunny.

What a look, she has the best disproving faces.

To instantly be her best friend give her a dried cranberry then sit still and she will let you pet her all night.

Some bunnies love ya!