Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bee Happy

I haven't been around much since I got rear-ended while driving earlier this week. I'm okay, just shaken up and my car is drive-able but I'm waiting on the person that hit me's insurance to get the ball rolling to fix the damage to my trunk. It has a gap that can let rain in and let me tell you, it rains a lot in Florida. I had to keep my car covered yesterday since it rained all day.

I took these pictures shortly after the policeman left the scene of accident. I was going to a local park to take pictures of the beautiful camellias, my outfit, and the adorable doll I made for my niece's first birthday when I was hit. I was too shaken up to take too many pictures, plus I was still cold and nervous. I didn't take any pictures of the flowers and the few I did take I either came out blurry or were framed horribly. I had to get in and out of my car and take off my bike rack so my outfit was all out of whack too. I couldn't adjust my tights, my tank had bunched around my middle, and my scarf unrolled some.
I just found these flats Sunday at a little thrift shop for $1. I couldn't believe they were my size and still had the price tag from Payless on them. I had desperately been seeking a pair of blue shoes and had even been eyeing this style in the store.
I found this brooch at Salvation Army on Friday. It is a sweet little vintage brooch of  doggies, the white one has blue rhinestone eyes and the black one has green.
This is the sweet doll I made my niece for her 1st birthday. The pattern is from a book called Huggy DollsSayjai Thawornsupacharoen is my favorite doll designer, I own many of her patterns and every time a new one comes out it gets added to one of my wishlists. My wonderful in-laws bought me this book and a set of clover hooks for my birthday.

Outfit details:

Lips- MAC, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus
Scarf- Vintage, Other Side
Brooch- Vintage, Salvation Army
Cardi- Burlington
Tank/Skirt/Shoes- Thrifted
Tights- Sock Dreams

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