Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cottage in the Woods

The weather has been so moody lately. The weekend was lovely but then it got rainy and cool. I've still managed to get out and walk some but I've had to turn and come back early 3 days now. Being cold is one thing but cold and wet is just yucky. I swear every time we see a glimmer of spring it gets taken away from us. Lichgate however is stunning right now, the early spring blooms are breaking forth with stunning color.
I can complain about the rain all I want but it brings life to the resurrection ferns all over the Lichgate Oak. They were particularly stunning today.

Outfit details:
Cardi- thrifted, from Target
Necklace/belt- Vintage
Skirt- Made by be, fabric from
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- BC Footwear from ModCloth, no longer available

Photos taken at Lichgate

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twin Peaks

Happy belated Twin Peaks day! 

In honor of Twin Peaks I put together a little collection of my favorite Twin Peaks items.

The perfect item for making voice notes.

Everything at Modern Girl Blitz is killer

We call her Log Lady

A memento from one of my favorite residents.

If you like to cross stitch check out Pyro Dog Pins on Etsy.
They have a great selection of geekdom and lots of Twin Peaks.

 Cherry | Coffee
Lodge | Log
If you sew check out these fabrics

I'm lucky to have a mother from the Pacific Northwest, I was introduced to the art at a young age.
I even think I had one or both of these books. 

What's Twin Peaks station without some jelly donuts?


Every girl needs a little Audrey style

I can't wait till 2016!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Florida Sun

After several wickedly cold days including one that set a low temp record Saturday was a breath of fresh air. Saturday was warm and sunny in the 70s with a few clouds and a mild breeze. Hubby and I needed a day out so we drove down to the town of St. Marks to see the Nina and Pinta that were docked in the river. It was one of the last days the ships were in the area so the line to tour the ships was insane. Although it would have been cool to walk on the decks we opted to take pictures from afar then grab lunch and do some exploring. We realized after we got to the river we should have brought the canoe, we could have gotten some really good pictures from it.

All the restaurants in the area were swamped. None of the places planned for the amount of people in the area that day and the one we picked happened to be hosting a Mardi Gras bike run which slowed everything down even more. The waitresses were pleasant and kept our drinks filled the whole wait but when the food was ready I was about to eat the people sitting in the booth behind us. The food however was amazing, it was some of the best grouper I have ever had. I hope to give them another try on a less busy day.

After lunch we stopped by San Marcos de Apalache, it has been on my list of parks to visit this year. The park is small and perfect place to take a picnic then stroll the grounds learning the history of the area. If you have a fishing licence it is a nice place to fish from the shore. Entry to the park is only $2 per person and it is open from 9am-5pm.

 Cisterns  coming off of the fort

Ruins of the magazine 

I just bought this dress on Poshmark. When it arrived I found it was a little short so I dug around in my trims and found a piece of black gathered lace just long enough to add to the bottom of the skirt. With the lace addition it matched the lace parasol my mom bought me for my birthday perfectly.

Parasol- gift, vintage
Sunnies- Amazon
Lips: Viva Glam, Miley Cyrus
Earrings- Other Side, similar here
Cardie- thrifted, from Target
Bracelet- ModCloth
Dress- Hell Bunny
Bag- Betsey Johnson 
(my first one, the one that started my great love of them)
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless

Don't worry, we didn't harm any trees in the shooting of this photo. Hubby is really standing on a bench and not putting weight on the branch.

Nail color is Pink Patina from Finger Paints, it is my favorite pink polish.

The small plot had garden paving tiles for each man.

On the way to the fort we passed a small cemetery, it looked rather new and empty but we noticed an old iron fence in the middle of it so after we explored the fort we stopped. Most of the old graves were from the 1800s but the lettering had faded on many of the stones.

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