Thursday, January 22, 2015

Three Rivers- Days 3-4

Despite the horrid beeping of the night before Sunday started beautifully. There was a brief rain shower but it was gone as quickly as it came and nothing in camp got majorly wet. The sun came out from the clouds and it was beautiful.  
 After breakfast we took the canoe out again. Instead of the lake, we canoed under the bridge and into a sleepy little offshoot of the river. It was quite and peaceful with just a little wind adding some pull to the current. We sat and watched the coots for a long while listening to their cute calls.
The river was very shallow, often parts looked to only be 3 or so feet deep.

Along the river were lots of private docks interspersed with graceful dead trees.
 With the river getting more and more shallow and the wind getting stronger we turned around next to a tree full of ibises. 

I play too many Resident Evil games, all I could think was something scary was going to jump out of this hut.
After we returned (fighting the wake from the motorboats that ignored the no wake zone) We hung around camp for the rest of the day. In the late afternoon I just needed some alone time so I took a walk through the park. When I rounded the first turn out of the camp I saw two fluffy white deer tails bounding into the brush. I walked down to the picnic area and playground, checked out the trail heads for several more trails and almost played on the playground. When I was standing at the playground I had the intense feeling that I was being watched. I looked up at at the tree line was a large doe staring me in the eyes. We were several hundred yards away from each other but we locked eyes each wondering who was going to make the first move. She allowed me to snap a quick picture then she bounded away. I returned to the road and walked down to the boat ramp we had stopped at the day before, on the way to it I saw three fox squirrels. Fox squirrels are so pretty and fluffy plus they are huge!
The sun was already setting at the boat ramp so I knew I needed to hurry up and get back to camp by dark.
Right at the turn to head back to camp I spotted a group of deer crossing the road.
The light was fading and with a zoom the photos came out rather fuzzy.

This was the one baby I saw, it didn't have spots anymore but it was about half the size of the rest of the deer
In the last .8 miles of my walk I saw around 35 deer. It was amazing, I had never seen so many in such a short time before.
 We had a big warm fire that night to use up the rest of the fire wood. Sunday night was the night before the new moon with only 3% of the moon being illumined. While the stars were amazing all weekend Sunday really took the cake. Before turning in early Hubby and I walked out the pier to see the stars. It was amazing, it looked like a special on Nova. No moon, no clouds, just amazing bright stars.
Monday morning we packed up and had a small lunch with our group. Hubby and I went down to the picnic area to see if we could spot some fox squirrels, we only saw one but it was so high up in a tree we couldn't see how cute it really was.

I really wish we were back in the woods already, I feel so at peace there. I have kept myself super busy this week, and this weekend I will be even busier yet.

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