Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Rivers- Day 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we were woken early by booming gunshots from the other side of the lake which is a hunting preserve. I was up and dressed and make-uped by 6:30 am eastern time. A layer of fog floated on the lake, in the shallows it seemed to billow out. Our friends made everyone pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast.
After breakfast hubby and I took the canoe out on the lake. We paddled along the shore going the length of the park. We didn't see much wildlife other than flocks of moorhens and coots randomly floating around. Whenever we would get close they would take off  flapping their wings and running along the water till they gained enough lift to get into the air. 
It was quite overcast for our paddle out, the sun eventually came out later in the day to warm things up a little.

A dock in the park we stopped at for a sports drink

Just when we were about to turn around and head back into camp we saw something odd in the water. Something wet and large that dove under water just when we noticed it. It was a river otter! He kept his distance from up but he kept diving then popping back up to bark at us before diving again. It was quite a treat to see one in the wild, neither hubby nor myself had ever experienced it before. I didn't try to catch it on film since he kept getting further from us.
 After we got back we cooked up some burgers and rested our muscles from canoe trip. Some of our friends took the canoe out a little later to try their luck at fishing. The fish weren't biting so we didn't have fish for dinner. They spotted a bald eagle while out. I heard it calling all weekend but never spotted it.

In the afternoon Hubby and I hiked the short trail that lead out from one side of the camp.

 The Lake View trail was cut along the shore of the lake providing plenty of spots to stop and bird watch.

The trail was just under a mile one way but had 15 points of interest marked to follow.

Little trillium poking it's leaves out of the ground cover

 Me sporting my Twilight Princess thermal shirt. I got my Triforce tattoo when the Wii came out, that is why it is on my right and not my left.

This cool pattern was carved out by bugs, I want to trace it and turn it into a design to embroider or screen print.
Saturday evening was again spent with our friends around the fire. We talked till late but shortly after we went to bed a dreadful beeping started. The beeping started just after midnight and went all the way till 6 or 7 in the morning. It was enough to make you loose your mind. Luckily I found a pair of earplugs I had left in the tent from a prior use that helped me get some sleep. In the morning we found out it was an alarm on the septic system and they were repairing it.

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