Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Three Rivers - Day 1

Over the holiday weekend some friends and I camped at Three River's State Park. It was an amazing get away and perfect way to detox from the pressure of society. It is an odd feeling being back to the "real" world with internet and TV. My body is still aching and sore but it is one of the good sore feelings. When we arrived home we unpacked, unloaded the canoe, put up the leftovers (food), and I did 3 loads of laundry. I haven't folded it all yet but at least it is done and nothing still smells like campfire smoke. The only thing left to do after folding is to unload the last of the clean clothes from the suitcase. I can't believe how much I got done yesterday evening.

I'm going to have to break up the camping trip in multiple posts this week. 

 Friday we arrived at the park around 3 pm, a pair of our friends had arrived early and was already all set up by the time we got there. The skys were beautiful and the weather wasn't too chilly. The lake was lovely and still and looked like glass when a speed boat wasn't zipping along ignoring the no wake zone.
The host was repairing the pier but finished in time for us to walk out and take these photos. 
Our tent is small and Hubby and I work very well as a team so we had our campsite up and ready to go in less than an hour. We joined our friends around the fire and waited for the rest of our party to arrive. Both other couples made it just after dark and it was a group effort to one of them set up (new and unfamiliar tent). After everyone was settled we had a big dinner. The friends that arrived before us cooked a lovely noodle soup with homemade stock. We brought some nice bread to go along with it. The evening was spent communing around the fire and watching the amazing stars.
Just before dusk the campfire smoke from the campground settled along the water.
So many cackling birds

It's like a pastel rainbow

This lovely great egret spent the weekend in the shallows by the birding trail

Everyone turned in late but was awakened early the next morning by the echoes of gunshots from the hunting preserve on the other side of the lake. *Note to self, avoid hunting season next trip*

Tune in through the week for the rest of the trip.

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