Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New Name

A delicate pale pink camellia
Happy New Year! What a year 2014 was, I hope 2015 will bring much love and good health. I especially hope 2015 will be kinder on me, 2014 was a real bitch. 
2014 brought be a beautiful little niece but she also took away an amazing woman. My old friend depression weighed heavily on me- my hair stopped growing and what was left was falling out, my nails became brittle, and of coarse when depression hits I stop eating well because I lack the motivation to cook. Exercising also goes out the window because I can't sleep which means I can't wake up in the mornings. It's a cruel cycle.

To remedy my hair problems I had Hubby cut off what was left of the damaged hair (from over bleaching because my hair became bleach resistant). I stopped taking vitamin supplements (which is what was causing the bleach resistance, from what I have read) and made the hard decision to start eating meat. So far now I have eaten meat for 3 months and I can already notice a change for the positive in my health. My hair has started growing again and is already down to my shoulders, my nails are strong and even again and I am already noticing better sleep patterns. Once I start walking/hiking/biking again I bet the majority of my back and joint pain will fade.

Hubby is amazing and has always been there for me giving me love and support, understands depression too. I haven't felt like designing for my crochet site much lately but this blog has given me a way show off my photography and little adventures. Thanks for hanging in with me now for almost a year.

As you may have noticed I've changed the name of the blog. A Retro Rabbit is gone with 2014 and Force of Habit Rabbit is here to stay.

But back to the post-
Friday was the last day our aunt was in town so we met up with her and Hubby's parents to enjoy the gardens at a local State Park. Maclay Gardens was the location for my very first blog post here. It is just the start of the blooming season so only some of the camellias were in bloom but the gardens are always lovely and a nice way to spend the afternoon.
Friday was overcast but a nice temperature and not too humid.
I finally got to wear my bunny heels, they are so adorable and comfy too. I walked all over the gardens and my feet weren't even sore.
It doesn't show up much in the photos but the flowers in my dress have yellow dots, the yellow tights bring them out nicely.

I love taking photos of flowers, camellias expecially.
The outer walls of the secret garden
Flower- eBay
Cardigan- Burlington
Dress- gift (from Walmart)
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- BC Footwear

As promised here are some shots of the lovely cloak I made Hubby for Christmas. Leave it to him, it is already wrinkled. We are planning to attend a renn faire soon, I can't wait for him to show it off.

After the wandering the gardens the family headed out but Hubby and I stayed and went down to the rec area by Lake Hall. We walked along the shore then sat and watched the lake. We heard an alligator but we didn't see it.

Some Bunny Loves Ya!