Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Magical Girl

I'm so ready for the weekend, I with it would just jump to Friday. I've kept up walking although yesterday I did do shorter route, I got groceries (a whole cart full) and pulled them all home in a wagon. That was some serious burn, I bet I burned more calories that way than on a normal walk.

Despite having my car back from Hubby, who's car has been in the shop, I got a little down. I cheered myself up by pulling out my 3DS and playing some Pokemon Gold. I also finished a new dress that had been waiting for a zipper. I'm not happy with how the zipper went in so I'm going to take it out and redo it next week. I was so excited to show it off I dressed all up and grabbed some quick shots of it. My camera overexposed most of the photos but I found a few that look half way normal. I will be wearing this dress all the time though so more photos won't be very far off.
I fell in love with the Folter dress in this print the moment I saw it. While Folter is a nice brand I balk at paying $90 for a cotton dress. So with a little bit of my Christmas money I purchased 4 yards of the same fabric it from Since it was over the holidays the processing was slow and by the time they got around to checking the order they couldn't fill my order in a full 4 yard piece. They had a 1.5, 1, and three .5 yard pieces left. While I was happy they got back to me and tried to work with me rather than just canceling my order, cut pieces just weren't going to make a dupe of the Folter dress. I thought over it on the drive home (we were out of town when I got the email). I decided to take the two larger pieces so I could at least make my go to Butterick 4443. When the fabric arrived the box seemed a little too heavy, I opened it up and they had sent me the three .5 cuts for free. One of which turned out to be 3/4 of a yard or more. I happily dug through my patterns and pulled out Butterick 5982 and was pleased I was able to fit it with lots of fabric left over. I still might be able to make a skirt or something else with what I have left. What was shaping up to be a let down really worked out, thanks for being so amazing.
Wig- eBay
Cardigan- Target (thrifted)
Dress- Made by me, Butterick 5982
Belt- thrifted
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Kids section at Payless
I finally have something to wear this belt with. I got it about a year or so ago in a 50 cent belt bin at a thrift shop and it is just too much to wear with most things. I thought the wings went well with the pegasi. Next styling I may wear my blue bow belt or my silver holographic though since thinner belts are a little more comfy.
I forgot to pull my dress down and smooth for these pictures. I took a lot of jumping pictures to cheer myself up, it really worked. I really am smiling in them but they are a little too silly for the blog. I think so I'll just keep them about to smile about.
I'll have lots of fun things to talk about next week on the blog. Until then have a great weekend and remember-

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