Friday, January 30, 2015

Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Every time I wear this outfit I can't help but think of Twin Peaks. Hubby and I binge watched it over the Christmas break and now I am a hard core fanatic, I can't wait for the reboot in 2016. The very first episode I turned to Hubby and announced I was sure I had been to were they filmed it, sure enough after a little research I found I had been there. My family is from Washington State and we traveled through that area several times, we even have family photos from not far away in Rosyln, WA (where Northern Exposure was filmed).
The weather has been cool so I have been living in skinny jeans and leggings with sweaters and boots. I must wear this sweater once a week, I love it so much.
This is my newest wig, I got it for my Firefly cosplay but I like it so much you will see me wear it often. I really miss the time I did my hair this color red and the same style. This wig is a good way to be a redhead while my hair is recovering from over bleaching/dying and a bout of depression.
Wig: eBay
Sweater: Target
Necklace: Scrumptious Doodle
Pin- made by me (old)
Pants- Walmart
Boots: Route 66 (thrifted for $4)

This week I treated myself to the new MAC viva glam lipstick. Normally I would ignore anything Miley Cyrus but this color pink is so pretty. I am a sucker for a good hot pink lip and this color is perfect. Plus, every cent of the selling price goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. 
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