Thursday, January 1, 2015

Beach Day

I really wanted to get this post together yesterday but things just got too busy. Today was pretty busy too, so I am only getting photos edited now.
Tuesday Hubby and I took a daycation to the beach. We wanted a secluded area that would be quiet and peaceful. We chose Bald Point State Park. The park is located in Alligator Point along the Ochlockonee and Apalachee bays. The park is well kept and has nice picnic areas and clean bathrooms. We didn't get to the hiking trails but we did walk the beaches and bird watching overlook.
 We arrived to the park right at noon so we enjoyed our picnic lunch at the pavilions overlooking the dunes. After lunch we changed into our bathing suits and walked along the shore. We were the only people at the beach.
 This area of Florida has lots of horseshoe crabs. The beach was littered with carapaces of all sizes- from this little guy to ones about a foot long.
I don't enjoy swimming in anything other than pools so we just played and splashed in the shallows.
This year has been full of injuries, depression, and bad weather so I have not been able to excise much at all this year. I have been a little upset by a small weight gain and loss of muscle from it but putting this bathing suit on really made me happy. It was a super thrifting score, not only was it a retro inspired suit for under $10, it also fits like a glove. Not many girls can say they feel so much better about themselves after slipping on a suit, but I can.

My wonderful sister in law sent me this sarong (from Hawaii), she knew how much I had been wanting one. My mother in law gave me a sarong tie in my stocking so I was happy to get to try them both out for the first time.
We basked in the sun for a few hours then explored the nature overlook and fishing dock.
Oysters bars
Bird footprints in the sand

Birds sunning on a sandbar
 On the way back from the park we stopped at the boat ramp at the bridge. I really enjoyed stopping because when my dad and I would go fishing we would put in there and fish under the bridge.
The trails along the beach haven't changed in the many years since I was here last.
It was lovely spending some time together with Hubby away from the house. We have a few more small things planned in the last few days of his vacation and we want to make the most of them.

Tonight FSU lost to Oregon ending our 29 game streak. Oregon played the better game. At least I can go to bed happy tonight seeing Alabama go down, well done Ohio State. 

Some Bunny Loves Ya!
Hello 2015, lets hope you bring more joy than 2014