Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rust in Peace

Hubby and I finally got our beach day. We have been trying to get out to the beach together for a while now, especially since we were unable to go camping at the beach earlier this month due to too much work and too many engagements. We decided to try out Bald Point State Park. The road to the beach passes one of my favorite places, a cemetery of beautiful mid-century (and older) cars. It is not a junk yard, it is a quiet plot under an oak tree. The cars sit in a semi-circle that faces the road, their headlamps watch the traffic. I wonder if they  secretly wish they could be driving along with the passing cars. I had hubby pull over so we could get some photos. (In pull over I mean- pass it, go back, pass it again, turn around in a driveway then pull in) More about the beach next post, for now sit back and enjoy these lovely rusting masses.