Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Berry Red

Yesterday was the party for Arts and Sciences at FSU, it is one of my favorite parties because most of our friends work in the science departments and we get to hang out with them while enjoying lovely catered food and drinks from the university. 
I wore one of my favorite dresses, it gets the most wear in December since it is just the perfect little holiday dress. I love red but I just don't have very much of it in my closet. Since the dress is rather mod I teased my hair up a bit into a bouffant which doesn't show much in the photos.

Peppermint earrings: Belladonna's RagDoll
Brooch- made by me
Dress- ModCloth, no longer available. Similar 1 2 3
Bag- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- B.A.I.T footwear

I feel accomplished for adding another hole to the slings on these shoes, they were a little bit too big for me. I can walk in them now without them without feeling like a kid in dress up shoes. I still can't believe I got them so cheap on Poshmark.
Eyes closed as normal, someone opened the door and Hubby got a phone call right after this one so this was the only close to the door shot ;)
Dodd Hall
Sigh...One of the cats started a chain reaction last night and took out both of our little trees. Lots of broken glass and I am missing the feet from my fairy. I packed up what was left of the balls and redecorated the tree with the ornaments I picked up on a run to the dollar store. Not nearly as pretty as before but it will have to do. It had to happen on a night I couldn't sleep. I think I got to sleep around 2:30 am then the crash was at 4:30 am. After Hubby and I cleaned it up and got back in bed a nearby rooster wouldn't stop crowing. I moved into town to get away from barking dogs and crowing roosters, sometimes I think the farm was quieter. Oh well, I get to hang out with Mom tomorrow and that makes everything better.

Some Bunny Loves Ya!