Monday, December 29, 2014

Into the Woods

Well I didn't make the firework print dress but I did finally get a skirt together from the fabric I bought from about a month and a half ago.
Isn't this print adorable? It is printed to look like patchwork and has squirrels, hedgehogs, and mushrooms. The print has so many pretty colors it will be a fun piece to mix and match.

It was a little rainy today but I still wanted to get out of the house so we walked around a local nursery till I got bad cramps and had to rush home to take painkillers and eat a little chocolate. I feel a lot better now and was even able to have dinner out with the family but I do think I will be turning in early tonight.
I always enjoy looking at all the fancy statuary, someday I would like to have one of these stunning serpents. 
I loved the giant angels they have, they reminded me of Weeping Angels. I really hope they aren't because doesn't anything that holds the image of an angel becomes one it's self?
I made my cloak years ago from a fleece blanket. I thought it worked with the woodland creatures into my skirt giving it a Into the Woods feel.

Cape- Made by me
Jewelry - Blithely Beaded
Cardigan/Purse- Vintage
Skirt- Made by me, fabric from here
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- BC

Tomorrow is going to clear up and be pretty so Hubby and I are going to spend the day together outside in the sunshine.