Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is a very special day because it's my birthday! I had a lovely day with Hubby that was spent sleeping in, dawning a tiara and sparkly shoes, buying balloons, taking photos in front of a rainbow mural, lunch out, and getting a gift from my sister in law that lives in Hawaii. Later tonight I plan on attending a party at my favorite cupcake shop, I'm going to wear my cupcake dress.
I have been positively spoiled with so many wonderful gifts and wishes this birthday, I feel so loved.
I bought a new little point and shoot camera with the birthday/Christmas money from my great grandmother. I'm still getting used to the settings. My last small camera was only 7.8 megapixels so I thought I deserved an upgrade. I wish I had bought it on black Friday when it was cheaper but I had ordered a dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing (which the next week they informed me they had canceled my order because they were out of stock) and I could only afford one or the other. The PUG incident left a sour taste in my mouth, it felt like they snatched my birthday and Christmas out from under me.
As you can see it was super sunny and bright today. It was such a pretty day and a lovely temp in the 70s.

Tiara- art swap
Sunglasses- old
*Lips- Studded Kiss in Adora
Cardigan- Target
Dress- thrifted by my mom
*Shoes- ModCloth

*items were birthday gifts

The amazing vintage purse Hubby got me didn't make it into any pictures but you can check it out on Instagram
We dropped by campus to get our gifts from Hubby's mom. I had to get some pictures by the Integration statue.
My new camera has a partial color setting. We hadn't figured out to switch out the selected color yet when we took these, I wish we could have isolated the yellow of the balloons and in my dress. The red lips highlighted is pretty fun though.  

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