Friday, December 26, 2014


I hope you all had a lovely Holiday week. Ours was filled with lots of love and family. 
Hubby and I celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve and his family on Christmas day so we get equal quality time with both. Hubby and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, I was finally able to show him what I had been working on for him. I made him a full length black faux suede Renaissance cloak. I was very proud of myself, I got all the fabric for it 60% off. There was no way I could have ever afforded 14 yards of fabric at full price, 7 of them being $20 a yard. I promise I'll get pictures of him in it soon.

I was really excited to give my parents their gifts this year, I found the perfect things for both of them. They spoiled us will all sorts of goodies too. I got an adorable pair of BC shoes that are bunnies, some super soft jammies, a ball maze for the kitties, and some Cake Beauty lotions which I am crazy about. I had actually just ordered some of the lotions with the Khol's gift card I got for my birthday but with the weather getting cool finally I am sure I will use up every last bit.

I'll go over what we got from Hubby's parent's next post.
For Christmas I wore the dress I got from Hubby (although I picked it out and he didn't even see it till I opened it). It's from Effie's Heart, a brand a fell in love with when I modeled one earlier this year for Quarter Moon Imports. Their dresses are rather pricey (for me anyway) so I was thrilled when I was able to get this one for $20! The dress is a comfy stretch cotton jersey and has a lovely full skirt and pockets.
Silk/cashmere cardigan- thrifted
Dress- Effie's Heart
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
 Thank goodness the weather cleared up for Christmas. It had rained for almost a week and several of the days we had 7 inch rain fall (some places recorded over 9 inches), there were lots of roads with standing water and localized flooding.

Funny story- one day I checked the mail at a time when the weather had let up slightly and found a package from my dear friend over at Crochet Dynamite full of the most wonderful cold process soap that she makes herself. I was lucky to get it in a lull of the weather since my mailbox leaks a little. I only recently found the package for her that I thought I thought I sent out last Christmas, yikes!, it will get popped in the mail next week for sure.
We took these photos at one of the lovely historic buildings downtown. I have wanted photos by it for a while but since it is a business I would feel weird about taking photos on their porch most days. Sorry we didn't get any full shots of it, we were running a little late to Hubby's family Christmas day.
 The lovely tree at Hubby's parents' house
Mr. Tibbs, my in-law's newest pup
Ain't we cute?

 On the way home we stopped back by downtown to see it lit up. I had been wanting to get pictures all week but we were unable to because the rain.
 My friends and I have been laughing on Facebook about hating being adults and using any Christmas money we may get to go to bills and not goodies for ourselves. Sigh, it's hard isn't it? I much rather buy a gorgeous dress and/or a pair of Miss L Fire shoes and pretend our car repair bills would just disappear.
My project this weekend is to put my sewing room back together now that wrapfest is over. I have some firework fabric I bought on clearance after the 4th of July that is screaming to be made into a dress for New Year's and if I'm lucky I can also make the skirt I bought the fabric for a month ago.

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