Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing Day

For boxing day we met Hubby's family at a great little Asian fusion restaurant for lunch then we went to see Into the Woods with them. I really enjoyed the movie, the costumes were amazing and everyone was cast perfectly. I would love to see it on stage someday.
I wore my new Lauren Conrad dress that I got with my birthday gift card to Kohl's from my parents. The dress is super comfy and cute. My only complaint is I wish the bodice had more to it in front, the back fits just fine but the front could have stood to have about 3 more inches and shorter straps. Until I get around to adding a modesty panel I have to pull it up higher in front so as not to show the whole world my bra (even my lowest cut one wasn't enough).  The dress also has a super cute back detail.
I also wore the kitty cat nylons my mother in law got me. They really aren't made for anyone with big and/or long legs but during my 220+ pound days I learned how to make tights that don't fit wearable. I am really glad I am able to wear them, they are so stinkin' cute. I have considered turning them into stockings or leggings but I am afraid of working with such thin nylons.

My in laws do big stockings every year filled with all sorts of goodies. I especially enjoy this because stockings weren't something my family did when I was younger. My stocking was filled with a big box of stawberry pocky, a bottle of coconut syrup, a clasp for my sarong, a candy cane, a punk and a rockabilly rubber ducks, and a bottle of macadamia nut honey. They also gave me a lovely hat that not only to I plan to wear often this spring and summer, it is also perfect for the Sophie cosplay I am planning on making.

These turtles were relaxing in the sun, I'm sure they were happy to have nice weather again.

Headband- Disney
Studded Cardigan- outlet store
Dress- Khol's clearance for $15
Tights- gift, you can pick up some at Sock Dreams
Bag- Betsey Johnson, outlet store
Boots- old

Even more turtles

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