Wednesday, November 5, 2014


After our hike we wandered into camp in time for lunch. We roasted hot dogs over the fire and talked for a while till it was time for the tour of the Gregory House. We car pooled up the road and arrived just in time. I was very excited, I'd never been on the tour of the house. I promise I kept the photos to a minimum, I even trimmed them down from my first selection.

The Gregory House was built in the mid 1800s by Jason Gregory. Mr Gregory was only about 5' and that can be seen in the construction of the house.

A painting of Jason Gregory
Entering the first room on the tour the doors on this bookshelf swung wide open. I know it was the shift in the floor boards but it made me happy because the house is suggested to be haunted.

The Gregory House in it's original location across the river, it originally stood on 5 foot pillars but still flooded several times.

While most of the furniture is not authentic to the house, much work was done to bring in pieces from the era.

 This cradle was the center of paranormal activity when a group of ghost hunters studied the house. It was said to start rocking on it's own. While the floor board shifts made a few things around the house move the cradle was pretty steady and did not swing or even shift while we were there.
This chair was made from a spinning wheel
One of the first sewing machines in North Florida
What's the shadow on the other side of the door?
Looking in from the upstairs porch

Civil war chest
An old quilt that the dye from one color ate through the fabric
I really enjoyed the tour, I love history and anything that has to do with the paranormal.
After the tour most of our group headed back to town, 6 of us remained for another cold night. We sat around the fire for warmth and enjoyed each other's company. After a dinner of fire cooked potatoes and southwestern chili our friends turned in for the night. I can't blame them, both couples had heaters in their sites. Hubby and I sat by the dying fire till it was just coals. Around midnight we had a furry visitor, a raccoon. He wasn't afraid of us at all, he checked out our whole camp while making the cutest noises at us, he must have been complaining that we were still awake. When the fire was no longer giving off enough heat to keep us warm we crawled into our cold tent. We snuggled to keep warm and soon it was morning.
It was a fun weekend of friends, food, and nature. The days were beautiful but cold although there was nothing like the light show from the moon and stars. I can't wait to get another trip together.

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