Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mini Adventure

For Veteran's day Hubby promised me we could go anywhere I wanted. I was torn on where to choose but I finally picked Monticello. Monticello is a small historic town east of Tallahassee, it is said to be the south's most haunted small town. I can believe it- the historic district is 27 square blocks of buildings most built before 1930.

We arrived in Monticello right before lunch. We had looked up restaurants the evening before and decided we wanted to go to Tupelo's Bakery and Cafe. The food was beyond amazing, everything is made to order from fresh, local ingredients. I had a pressed sandwich with seasoned apples and Hubby had an Italian Stallion. We got the whole sandwiches with chips, drink, and we spurged on deserts. To tell the truth we should have split a sandwich and desert but our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. I can't wait to go back to and try the pesto grilled cheese.

I chose a pumpkin cheesecake and Hubby got a triple chocolate brownie. 

After lunch we walked around the historic district in an attempt to work off part of our amazing lunch.
The court house 

My simple fall outfit:

Hat- gift
Cardie- Burlington
Dress- Made by me
Shoes- Clarks, thrifted for $7

There are so many antique shops in town but I was good and didn't shop, we went to explore.

I'm pretty sure this house wasn't residential since it is in the walking tour but I wasn't sure so we only took a picture in front of it. I fell in love with the pinky/salmon color.
This gorgeous church was built in 1885.

After this we wandered a little farther and found the old city cemetery. We explored and took lots of pictures but I'll save those for next post. After the cemetery we walked back to the car and looked at a few more churches before we looked up the location of the cemetery we had planned on visiting. Silly us, the other cemetery was right next to the one we had been to already so we drove back to explore.

Another beautiful old church, this one was founded in 1828.

The Monticello Opera House is included in the town's ghost tours. Orbs are often found in photos taken in and of the building.

As I mentioned I will post the cemetery photos soon, not only is this post rather photo intense, Hubby and I seem to have caught a cold and it is all I we can do to stay awake. 

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