Thursday, November 20, 2014

Like a Falling Leaf

Today has been hard. I am running on just a few hours sleep and my anxiety has been through the roof. Just before bed last night we heard lots of police cars, we live close to a station and are used to hearing sirens but last night was different. We shrugged it off and went inside (since it was freaking cold) to brush our teeth. While we brushed Hubby received a text message from FSU alerts, a dangerous situation was happening on campus and if we were on campus to stay inside and away from windows. We checked the alert website for details but no details came. As we lay in bed our curiosity got to us, we started sniffing around on social media and soon we knew what was happening. We called Hubby's mom (who also works on campus) to tell her that there was a shooter on campus and that people were injured. After the call we were wide awake so we got up to watch CNN for any more updates. Around 2 am we made ourselves breakfast while still following social media, we were running on adrenaline. At 3 the news seemed to drop off so we went to bed. This morning it was announced classes could be canceled and asked students to stay home, employees still were asked to come in.

Yesterday I was joyful as I baked bread for Hubby's office Thanksgiving party while planning my outfit for the event. Today I am sad and lost. I have been in touch with my friends and everyone is okay but that does not take away the grief of an event like this happening on our beautiful campus. I am thankful that my friends and family are safe but my heart goes out to the friends and family of the shooter, the wounded victims, and the 300 some people in the library at the time of the event. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving feast today and we all had one more reason for being thankful- the police response was so quick that there weren't more injured or even killed.

There will be a gathering of unity tonight on campus.

No doubt it was a little hard to muster a smile or a pose today.
A wind sculpture on campus
Shirt- thrifted
Sweater- old 
(comfy and big, just the thing to wear for a Thanksgiving feast)
Skirt- made by me, fabric | similar 
Tights- Sock Dreams in rust
Shoes- Payless

Classes will resume tomorrow. I'm glad I'm not taking any classes right now, I would be too shaken up to concentrate. Please send prayers and good vibes to our students, they need it right now.

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