Tuesday, November 4, 2014


November swept in with vengeance, it wanted to us to know it was here. Intense winds blew in around 3:30 am waking Hubby and myself up. We thought for sure we wouldn't have anything left in the campsite, including our tent. We snuggled deeper in our sleeping bag and tried to get back to sleep but the brisk cold wind made it difficult. Somehow we managed to get to sleep and woke up to everything being just fine. They only damage we sustained was to our lovely guardian spiders's webs, leaves and twigs had gotten blown through them. 

Some of our friends made a lovely pancake breakfast and we sat around the fire drinking coffee and hot chocolate while we warmed up. The temp was lower than forecast and with the wind chill it was even colder. I didn't pack warm enough clothes but I did pack plenty of layers so I wore 4 layers Saturday and I still was chilly. (I want to put a note in here about how wonderful my Kenneth Cole sports bra is, I wore that sucker for the better part of 48 hours and I never once was uncomfortable)
After we warmed up a little we went on a hike with a friend. He told us about an old cemetery in the park that isn't on any of the maps. We went out in search of it. Our friend couldn't remember exactly were it was so we retraced the path he took last time he stumbled upon it. We didn't hike that far (around 2 miles) but it was an intense course with vertical hills. Don't let anyone tell you Florida is flat, Torreya has estimated elevation gain is 3200'-6700' on the challenge trails. It really is the best hiking in Florida. Hubby is a little out of shape and doesn't get to walk with me often so after we hit the highest point he though it would be best to turn back to camp. Our friend wanted to go further and find the cemetery so he went on and we turned back. He didn't have luck finding the spot again but later when we asked the ranger about it he gave us a good starting point and general location so next time we can start searching in the right area.
Lots of pictures while hiking

Still more to come

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