Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween in the Woods

We just got back yesterday afternoon from camping with friends over Halloween. We camped at Torreya state park. Shortly after we camped there last (in July) we booked a spot for Halloween and encouraged our friends to join us. While we didn't take over the whole campground like I wished we could of, we did cover 6 spots and had 13 people come. Everyone showed up on Friday and pitched their tents, after setting up we hosted a Halloween party in our campsite. 
The beautiful Golden Silk Spider that kept us company at our campsite. 

We all dressed up, ate a lovely vegan dinner, drank mulled cider, ate candy, and talked around the campfire. Oh yeah, s'mores, don't forget all the s'mores. 
My quick and easy Rosie the riveter costume.
Bandanna- $1 store, old
Pepsi work shirt- thrifted
(cross stitch accents done by me, Rosie name tag and small "we can do it")
Wide leg sailor jeans- thrifted
Steve Madden $150 boots- thrifted for $3
 Hubby as Dale and our good friend as Tucker from Tucker and Dale vs Evil 
(possibly my favorite "horror" movie next to Shawn of the Dead)
Here is a reference photo,they went with the the pre-college kid look LOL. 

Hubby and I brought our glow props, 7 light up juggling balls and I attached glow stick to my poi. It was pretty chilly away from the fire though so we only showed off for a little. We didn't get any pictures of us juggling though, just me swinging my poi.
^ Do you a grim reaper with a sickle? My hubby spotted it first ^
At quiet time people started funneling off to their tents. It was a super cold and windy night. I was so glad we tied and staked everything down, I was sure we were going to blow into the ravine. At one point our camps had a family of raccoon visitors, one of our friends got to see all the little eyes reflecting. We did get to see one of them the next night, he sassed us for not going to bed early, he wanted to skitter around our camp unbothered.

More of our adventure coming soon.

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