Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crumbling Memories

Part 2 of our little mini adventure, the cemeteries. The City Cemetery and Roseland Cemetery sit next to each other tucked away in the historic district of Monticello, Florida. The City Cemetery is dated 1827.

We first wandered through the City Cemetery. The graves are all starting to crumble and return to the earth. Some work has been done to restore some stones and plots. You can tell there is some love and care put into the uptake of the cemetery but with graves so old there is only so much you can do.
This one was rather creepy, it was open on one side and all the was inside was a bible from a Tallahassee church.

This one caught us off guard at first. Most likely it was left over from a Halloween prank or even placed there by the group that does ghost tours of the cemeteries.
These were my favorite graves 
 I'd never seen anything quite like them.

Three small children's graves in a family plot all were adorned with angels, pin wheels, and jump ropes.

A small fenced plot contained graves of confederate soldiers, one had a replaced military stone.

Next door to the City Cemetery was the Roseland Cemetery. Much of the cemetery was very old graves although, there were several very new burials.

Cane syrup left on on stone

Hubby and I are still sick. I am going to try to sew today but I don't know if my mind will unfuzz enough for me to process things straight. I would hate to ruin expensive fabric.

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