Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Witching Hour

I had a great week last week with my family, being 3000 miles away from them means it is always special when we get to see each other. I am glad to have photos of the time together too. What I thought was pain from lugging around the photo equipment looks like it was more of a bug. Saturday I was so tired, sick, and sore I ended up spending most of the day in bed cuddling with the kitties. I did get to make brunch for Hubby and my mother in law and watch the first part of the football game before I had to retire though. Sunday was a little better but I really only started the mend yesterday. 
I pass this little green area often, it is on the way to Goodwill. I have walked around in it before since it is like a park (although not officially) when I was on foot but it was harder to find a parking place to get to it than I thought, the streets were no parking. 
After the torrential rains yesterday the runoff stream was extra pretty with the water flowing over the rocks. It reminded me of a park in Washington State where I used to play when I would visit my great grandmother.
The rain yesterday brought some cooler weather to our area, it is in the 70s today. Not quite sweater weather but this lightweight cardigan didn't make me too warm. 
Fall (pony)- made by me
Cardie- Burlington
Tank- Old Navy (thrifted)
Wednesday Addams necklace- art swap
Belt- Target
Skirt- made by me
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless
My Ipsy bag came yesterday, I had to try out the tattooed liner, it is very long lasting and has a precise applicator. I also got the OPI nail polish in gold, I really like it because it is more of a champagne and will be great around the holidays.
My lip color is Coralista by NYC, I almost I forgot I had it since it had fallen to the bottom of my lipsticks. I love coral. 
 Looks like my tripod is really dead this time, duct tape can only fix things for so long. Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent inexpensive one? I would be grateful for any leads.

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