Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unicorns and Glitter

One of my favorite quick costumes I keep around for the random costume party is Flo, the Progressive girl. It is quite funny that my costume apron is about 2 years old now. I really enjoyed having a costume that people knew who I was let alone 2 years later people still know who I am.
I have switched out pants/skirt since I first made her up. Goodwill all the way, lets face it, I don't have much use for white jeans other than for this costume. I used my black chucks since I don't have blue ones anymore. To do the apron I picked up the plain white apron and both the badge and I <3 insurance pin on Amazon. I printed out the Progressive logo and stenciled it on with old acrylic paint (which ran because it was old, but a little white paint fixed it up fairly well).

Did you know Progressive has an official Dress Like Flo page? Check it out! It gave me lots of tips.
 I struggled with flicked eyeliner and teasing my hair the first time I did Flo, today it came out perfect. 

Some Bunny Loves Ya!