Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Steampunk Wonderland

Part 2 of 2. Saturday evening we went to a costume party that was a steampunk wonderland theme. I've been working on these costumes for a long time now and it is exciting to have some pictures of them finally. Originally I claimed the White Rabbit and March Hare for hubby and myself but after I started work on my White Rabbit I was having trouble finding the right items to modify for the March Hare and I found an illustration of the White Rabbit I just had to do, the herald.
I had found a men's knight costume pattern (McCall's M5500) at a pattern sale a while back that worked well for the base.The pattern was a little misleading in the images, they must have put t-shirts under the tunics for the photo shoot, next time we wear these costumes I'll do the same for Hubby. I was going to make a ruffled collar for his outfit but in the end I think it would have been too much with his beard. One more thing I'll add for next wearing is a herald hat with plume, the ears can come up through the hat.
I love the ruffled spats, they were a first attempt at the ones for my costume but they came out huge so I switched to a different pattern. I think they add a nice touch to his costume.
I found the horn on Amazon.

I found this vintage vest in the dollar bin at The Other Side months ago. The watch applique I found on Etsy. Since it was a men's vest and there for not form fitting I wore my corset underneath to keep a feminine shape. You can find a close up of my top hat on Instagram.
 You can almost see the head of my cane, it is a white rabbit. Harvey was Hubby's grandmother's favorite cane, it was very special being able to borrow it for the evening.
I had planned on knitting both wrist and ankle cuffs but after getting half way done on the second ankle one I got a little bogged down, I can crochet for days straight but knitting always gets boring to me. I do love the pattern though and once I feel like getting the needles out again I will make more. If you knit I recommend you buy the pattern, it is very well written and is super easy to do. Antique Alice in Wonderland Cuffs, it even has the perfect name.

Our powdered hair turned out so well. We did leave cornstarch on everything though, luckily it washed out of everything although I still keep finding it in the bathroom.

Everyone's costumes at the party were amazing and we had a super fun time.

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