Friday, October 3, 2014

Re-mixing A Staple

One of my favorite pieces to re-mix is my navy polka-dotted pencil skirt. Here are a few ways I have worn it:

Spring- Red and white striped cardigan, white fishnets, peep-toe heels
Summer- Over shirt, tube top, platform heels.
Fall: A Snow White inspired look with lightweight vintage cardigan, tan cotton tights, and comfy flats.
(Okay, this is an older picture but it is a great for Fall look)

I can't wait to re-mix this skirt in this fall and even winter styles. It is perfect all year long.

My great grandmother and great aunt arrived safely. Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and I had a girls day today. We had lunch then Mom and I took them to a couple of our favorite shops. I am tired after all the shopping and I was going to take a nap but since it was raining I decided to make some lovely stew instead, nothing is nicer than a warm bowl of stew on a yucky rainy day. The forecasts say the rain should pass today and leave the weekend extra lovely. *crosses fingers*

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